BlueSuburbia is an exploration of interactive poetry and literature.
Interactive Fiction
EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK is a nihilistic horror comedy zine-game about life
The Electric Zine Maker (⚡️📝✂️) is a printshop and art tool for making zines.
An ARG-like text adventure about digital archeology and friendship in unlikely places...
A relic of the internet, haunted by skeletons of the past.
"Tetrageddon is what the internet does to people."
cyberpet graveyard: a graveyard of folders filled with unwanted, unlovable, and unsightly cyberpets.
An existential desktop friend that knows they are doomed if you run them.
A short love story told between two files on your desktop.
Interactive Fiction
a tiny webzine about the Earth, Sun, Moon, and Dr Frost...
Come play it for yourself! Maybe, just like the ancient order, even you can become a true master of fate.
A local multiplayer game. Two frog! Two factions! Only one survivor! The ultimate frog-combat experience!
a digital short about a cute desktop friend that visits you on your birthday
a tiny camera app (with effects) for online speaking or streaming
Monitor your files like no other competing anti-virus software!
Mindlessly pulverize a cityscape as you reach for the sky in an ambitious attempt to transcend your mortal coil.
Congratulations! You have acquired a gift!
you come across an itch page containing a mysterious and very smelly app
This page contains a collection of all the CSS themes for my game's pages. It gets asked, so I'm sharing them all.
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exciting themes for custom CSS enabled game pages
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exciting themes for custom CSS enabled profile pages
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Electric Love Potato is a virtual potato desktop assistant that offers positive reinforcement, and serenades you.
Keep your Frog Pets alive by managing their needs!
Electric Love Potato (Two Point OH!) is the next generation potato desktop assistant.
Electric Love Potato Playlist Player is the latest in state of the art potatoware for music aficionados.
Get ready for serious paleontology! Assemble dinosaurs your way and learn about their speculated background.
CALCULA2000 (PROFESSIONAL EDITION) is the future of desktop calculators!
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Run this haunted program to add a terrifying ghost to your desktop.
Help me! My name is Igor and I am trapped in this itch page!! Oh god! Can anyone hear me? HELP, please!
Electric Love Potato: Potatoware Cursor is the latest in potato technology.
WELCOME TO ASCII PAINT (SKELETON EDITION)! Your handy tool for making ascii art (with skeletons)
A vital desktop app that runs in the background & occasionally screams at you.
Tantalize your viewership with a riveting intro!
Girb is useless, dumb, and cute making Girb the perfect virtual pet.
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a commentary on the american legal system using a fictional space court setting. this shit's real.
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I was playing around with quartz composer and made this (OS X) screensaver.
A little program, or toy, that creates spooky headshots of you using your webcam.
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Procedural frog generator (see your frog-self)
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Submission to "FEMICOM Game Jam #1: Here's to Theresa Duncan!"

the good stuff

as you approach the glass display you ask the shop keeper to show you the good stuff. he motions to the selection before you… an array of safe and standard recommendations that confidently lie beneath the glass. “no…” you say as you...

alienmelon's desktop pets & virtual companions

Electric Zine Maker things