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"Everything is going to be OK" is a desktop labyrinth of vignettes, poetry, strange fever dream games, and broken digital spaces. It is a collection of life experiences that are largely a commentary on struggle, survival, and coping with the aftermath of surviving bad things.
On the surface it comes off as dark comedy, and humor is a prevalent theme, but as you interact the themes start to unravel and facilitate, what I hope to be, a deeper discussion about these topics.

I call it an interactive zine because it's broken, painful, beautifully terrible, and profound on a very personal level. Nothing about this is fiction, although the themes are abstract enough so that anyone can approach it and find it relatable.
It is a very personal "game", and I view it as something other than a game. Through-ought development I had been struggling with the "game" label, and toxicity that calling something like this "game" brings in, which I documented extensively here (or on my blog). There is also a good interview here about these issues... As a result, I feel like calling work like this a game might do it more harm than good.

"Everything is going to be OK" is something to experience without game expectations. Its spaces, pages, and environments, are built to be explored.
It most certainly doesn't exist for the sole purpose of entertainment, and if you are looking for something small, lighthearted and fun, this might not be it. It is a very different type of experience.

You can read the full Artist's Statement here.

"Everything is going to be OK" has appeared in a number of festivals, and publications... such as Indiegames.com, PC Gamer, Wired, Mashable... and winning IndieCade's Interaction Award, and AMAZE's Digital Moments... For more or less current information on that stuff visit the website here.
(Special thanks to Mixtvision for all their help)


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I first saw this game on a stream and it made me  feel understood at a time when I felt very alone. It's a very powerful work of art.

This is my favorite game of all time like how can a game be so good. I liked how it kind of allows you to just talk into a void.

Hey Nathalie, I'm a big fan of yours and just wanted to send you all possible digital love you can have rn. Stay strong and stay safe. You are one remarkable person. 

I love this game even though it's strangely terrifying!

This game transcends just being a "game", its a piece of art. This is hands down one of the most unique things I've seen on itch.io. Its a must play, and a must play again, and again, and again.


i played the whole thing, most terrifying thing ive ever done 10/10


Hi! I just wanted to say that I found this zine to be really thought provoking, the raw heart of it shines through in such an intense way. It's truly a unique experience (and the cool aesthetic definitely contributes to that). Thank you for making this wonderful piece.


The  screen feels like im tripping balls man.


what is with this screen with the flames and stuff


man I love this font 

i wanna comment a lot just for the font!    (  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I can tell I'm in for a treat.  (●^□^●)

Could you upload the game again, please? When i wanna download it, it gives me an error

Loved the game, played it fully.  This is kind of out of the blue, but if anyone knows where I can find the animation for the egg walking (in the missing page 3.txt OS when you click "run")?  


And yet there will be people that call this a game. Too much to handle at once, i will definitely come back for more!

Why this is not a game to you?


It's more than a game :) It's an art game

Is there a a soundtrack list to this game? I may just be dumb and can't find it but the music is really soothing to me!! I wish everybody luck ;w;

p.s happy st. patricks day!!


This was heartbreaking. Thank you so much for making this. I'm sorry to hear about the lack of support you received after your trauma. There are so many social ills that our negative feelings reveal, and it's sickening to hear that the people around you at the time simply wanted you to return to some facade of positivity, for their benefit, rather than yours.

I've learnt a lot about these victim-blaming/self-responsibilisation issues through university, but never had them delivered in such a creative, crushing and intimate way. I hope you're in a better space now, but if not, that's fine. I'm always open to talk if you ever want support.


thank you for the kind words. it means a lot that this was your takeaway.
and that is very kind of you, yes, i'm in a better place. :)


uhhh, did I buy weed by any chance? I feel trippy...

Okay, so. I've come back to this a few times. In several different states of mind, no less! My first experience with it was only surface-deep. The moments of sincerety scared me off the first time. I wasn't ready for it. Chasing my euphoric dragon all the way to Hell itself, I wanted only to laugh. So I did. I politely disregarded the rest. One day, God--should you choose to believe my truth--at last spoke to me and told me that I'd been making my way to Hell the whole time. The drugs. The alcohol. The sex. The desire for money, fame, power. I saw a light of my own, as I found myself in my own Hell for the last time on December 21st, 2018. Mark my words: It was the last time I went willingly.

So, After a month sober and spiritually free, I came back to this. I don't know what I expected. I wanted to see if I'd relate to it. I don't know if you'd expect me to since I led this comment with the chin and used the G-word right off the bat, but I did. I've seen Hell. We've all seen it. All of us. The broken, the misunderstood, the rejected, the bastards, the bitches, what have you. We were different. Society didn't like that. For the longest time we believed Life itself did not like us for the strange and unpopular colors we seemed to shine.

I could keep rambling but, I'd just like to say this for now, as I'm only about halfway through the zine, intent on finishing it some time later. (I'm delving into every little bit, even the sincere poetry, which is very powerful! I commend your soulful writing!!) Shine on, you crazy diamond. God doesn't let you die until it's your time. I'm living proof. I chased my fun past the brink of death more than once (Overdose) and I'm still kicking. God knows you have something to show the world. You have a powerful message to share to the misfits like us. Bring us together, and we'll become stronger than any billion-dollar baby in a cushy office, looking for the next big thing. Rock on. I love you. (Platonically. I'm a gay man, incidentally. Bi, but... mostly into dudes. I still support every bit of your message. I have my own battles to fight in that regard, but I'll stand by you as you fight yours.)

Lastly, I wrote this and ejected it into the void once... (I ctrl-c'd it, just in case.) "God and the Devil are inside each and every one of us. It is you who chooses which to befriend and trust. The ego wants it all and will never be satisfied. All you need is Everything. No more, no less. Nobody needs it all. We just need life itself. Everything in it. Life is a multiplayer game. Once you conquer the survival elements, you learn the secret to living is to stop surviving. Start living. Devils have fun in their gold-drenched Hells, surviving, filling their voids with riches and pride. I've got God in mine. I need nothing more. My own soul is mine. Amen."


Oh my eyes. What the hell is going on here ???

why does windows defender think this is a virus??


there was a software party, and windows defender wasn't invited. windows defender still showed up tho and things got out of hand, and then mean things where said, some programs where wrongfully accused, and now windows defender holds a grudge against this game. "virus" is kind of not a nice thing to call any program imo.


hey, thank you  for publishing this game my dude. I found this about a year ago while I was living at a shelter, and...wow. I've always been attracted to surrealism, but I wasn't expecting this game to get as deep as it did. But I'm so glad that it did. I was going, and am still going through, a really rough part in my life, and I've never been able to relate to anything as much as I do this. I don't think I've ever dedicated so much time to a game, haha. Like, I was initially attracted to the broken-but-im-still-trying-my-best  attitude, (because god, what a mood,), but once I started getting deeper, it was kinda like I was watching and hearing...myself. Anyways, TLDR; thank u for publishing this, you made some kid out there feel understood and comforted in a way they never had before <3


omg thank you so much for the kind words! i'm really touched that it's meant this to you. it means a lot. take care!!  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


Love love love surrealist stuff like this

This is such an awesome concept for a zine/ creative expression. Been loving every second of it so for, hoping for more!


im trippin balls....


This is the first game I played to make me feel so awful. thank you so much for making me feel so awful. 

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i dont know what to say except thank you, this zine you made is beautiful and ive never seen anything like it. i love it so much and it makes me laugh, smile, and cry a little. i love this :3


omg thank you! this means a lot. i'm happy that it meant this to you.  ❤️


i made a account just to say this.... thank you for what you have created. 

your kindness has brought me many tears and make me feel somewhat at peace.

i havent even made it past page 12.

excited to continue but my eyes can no longer produce tears.

please have a breath of fresh air and know that you're truly loved.


               a sad happy jiggy


thank you! this means a lot and makes me very happy. ❤️


also thank you for making this. words can't explain how much this touched me and inspired me and made me feel not alone while also making me feel like i'm empathizing with another.


is there anyway i could get the sound that backs 22? it literally just soothed my anxiety in an insane way


Hi, i just went through it and put this together (from page 22): http://tetrageddon.com/zine/SOUND/
hope you find the sound that you're looking for  ❤️
and thank you so much for the kind words!

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This game, my sister and I played it for a bit together.  We thought it was cheerful and just plain weird [and we like that] but as we delved deeper...  The game became more meaning, but the weirdness stayed.  She'd gone out and left me alone with this game.  So I click every chapter; in order.  I read ever piece of dialogue, and saved everything I could.

Thank you, truly.  This game put a lot of things into perspective and gives that same perspective atmosphere to those not familiar.

[edit; replace 'game' with 'zine']


Thank you for the kind words, and I'm touched that you really got into it. This means a lot. I'm happy that you found it meaningful. ♡




I really, really love this game. I've played it twice already, and it puts a new perspective on how to think. 




Absolutely loved it even though it felt very overwhelming to me. I've been suffering from chronic pain for the last year and a lot of what's in the game made it a very introspective experience about how I deal with my issues. I highly recommend it and I wish I could tip more.


Thank you that means a lot, take care!!  ♡♡♡♡

this is surprisingly survivable considering the amount of people who didnt make it here but also read THE ENTIRE THING


I really don't know how to put my feelings about this zine into words, and then choose which of those words I want to convey to its creator, and prospective fans reading the comments.

So here's a small piece of my thoughts that I could muster up at least:

This was important to me some months ago, before the missing pages were added, and then the missing pages were important to me today.

Also, Minibyte intrigues me a lot, spent a lot of time sending help requests.


thank you for the kind words! i'm touched that it has meant this to you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

love all of your releases. they're such a fresh breath of creativity. keep it up plz. thank u also plz add a skeleton warning, some of us have allergies. <3

Thank you for making this game. Seriously. Thank you. I'm sorry I can't give money at the moment but seriously, I love this. Thank you.

Thank you for the thank you's. :) Appreciate it.  ♡

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