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"Everything is going to be OK" is a desktop labyrinth of vignettes, poetry, strange fever dream games, and broken digital spaces. It is a collection of life experiences that are largely a commentary on struggle, survival, and coping with the aftermath of surviving bad things.
On the surface it comes off as dark comedy, and humor is a prevalent theme, but as you interact the themes start to unravel and facilitate, what I hope to be, a deeper discussion about these topics.

I call it an interactive zine because it's broken, painful, beautifully terrible, and profound on a very personal level. Nothing about this is fiction, although the themes are abstract enough so that anyone can approach it and find it relatable.
It is a very personal "game", and I view it as something other than a game. Through-ought development I had been struggling with the "game" label, and toxicity that calling something like this "game" brings in, which I documented extensively here (or on my blog). There is also a good interview here about these issues... As a result, I feel like calling work like this a game might do it more harm than good.

"Everything is going to be OK" is something to experience without game expectations. Its spaces, pages, and environments, are built to be explored.
It most certainly doesn't exist for the sole purpose of entertainment, and if you are looking for something small, lighthearted and fun, this might not be it. It is a very different type of experience.

You can read the full Artist's Statement here.

"Everything is going to be OK" has appeared in a number of festivals, and publications... such as Indiegames.com, PC Gamer, Wired, Mashable... and winning IndieCade's Interaction Award, and AMAZE's Digital Moments... For more or less current information on that stuff visit the website here.
(Special thanks to Mixtvision for all their help)


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This is the first game I played to make me feel so awful. thank you so much for making me feel so awful. 

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i dont know what to say except thank you, this zine you made is beautiful and ive never seen anything like it. i love it so much and it makes me laugh, smile, and cry a little. i love this :3


omg thank you! this means a lot. i'm happy that it meant this to you.  ❤️


i made a account just to say this.... thank you for what you have created. 

your kindness has brought me many tears and make me feel somewhat at peace.

i havent even made it past page 12.

excited to continue but my eyes can no longer produce tears.

please have a breath of fresh air and know that you're truly loved.


               a sad happy jiggy


thank you! this means a lot and makes me very happy. ❤️


also thank you for making this. words can't explain how much this touched me and inspired me and made me feel not alone while also making me feel like i'm empathizing with another.


is there anyway i could get the sound that backs 22? it literally just soothed my anxiety in an insane way


Hi, i just went through it and put this together (from page 22): http://tetrageddon.com/zine/SOUND/
hope you find the sound that you're looking for  ❤️
and thank you so much for the kind words!

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This game, my sister and I played it for a bit together.  We thought it was cheerful and just plain weird [and we like that] but as we delved deeper...  The game became more meaning, but the weirdness stayed.  She'd gone out and left me alone with this game.  So I click every chapter; in order.  I read ever piece of dialogue, and saved everything I could.

Thank you, truly.  This game put a lot of things into perspective and gives that same perspective atmosphere to those not familiar.

[edit; replace 'game' with 'zine']


Thank you for the kind words, and I'm touched that you really got into it. This means a lot. I'm happy that you found it meaningful. ♡




I really, really love this game. I've played it twice already, and it puts a new perspective on how to think. 




Absolutely loved it even though it felt very overwhelming to me. I've been suffering from chronic pain for the last year and a lot of what's in the game made it a very introspective experience about how I deal with my issues. I highly recommend it and I wish I could tip more.


Thank you that means a lot, take care!!  ♡♡♡♡

this is surprisingly survivable considering the amount of people who didnt make it here but also read THE ENTIRE THING


I really don't know how to put my feelings about this zine into words, and then choose which of those words I want to convey to its creator, and prospective fans reading the comments.

So here's a small piece of my thoughts that I could muster up at least:

This was important to me some months ago, before the missing pages were added, and then the missing pages were important to me today.

Also, Minibyte intrigues me a lot, spent a lot of time sending help requests.


thank you for the kind words! i'm touched that it has meant this to you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

love all of your releases. they're such a fresh breath of creativity. keep it up plz. thank u also plz add a skeleton warning, some of us have allergies. <3

Thank you for making this game. Seriously. Thank you. I'm sorry I can't give money at the moment but seriously, I love this. Thank you.

Thank you for the thank you's. :) Appreciate it.  ♡




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man, this was quite an experience   

after seeing your stuff in rockpapershotgun i have been meaning to try it   

though i had already tried FROGGY and let me tell you that was quite an experience    

though i did end uo conquering armaggeddon highway, hehe    

also i think this kinda helped me find a whole new aesttethic i want to try when i get a new drawing tablet, as someone who draws, this is very important    

also naminig the pink friend Floyd gave me quite a chuckle, hehe    

ok, jokes aside, thanks for this    

i used to think being pragmatic about grieving and feeling overall bad was good (in the "no time to feel bad, let's try to just feel good instead or fake it or something" way of thinking) and you kinda made me change my mind    

i hope i can help people from now on with this new way of seeing things    

just wanna say your work matters, nathalie    

keep it up

Thank you for the kind words! This means a lot  ❤ ♡






h o l y    m a c a r o n i !!!!!!


holy shit


Hi, this was a really good zine, i love it

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I reviewed 2 games in this video. The second one is "Everything Is Going to Be Ok". At this particular point in my life, this game was just a little too heavy to digest. However, this is one of the most creative games that I have ever had the opportunity of playing. I loved every aspect of this game (Including all the easter eggs I found)! I hope that you continue to create games like this one. You are truly talented!

PSA: This game literally broke my video capture!

My bad. I understand your issue with titles and never meant to offend anyone by slapping a label on your creativity. Please continue to create content!

lol thank you for playing and making a video! have a nice day.  ♡


do you want your spoonky game to get attention? just throw it into a blender and piss on it! it will be so original and edgy that it's corrupted!


This update was so good :) Also I love the theme you've created here.


i love this game so much!!! it has totally my type of aesthetic and i can relate to a lot of the things in this game. the art style is also adorable!! this game is def one of my faves now

oh no i just read the description and im very sorry for calling this a game!! i really meant to say zine!

aah  ☺️ thank you! so happy you like it!  ❤️

We need more !!!!

We need more !!!!


Thank you for making this.  We need more art that vocalises pain.



first of, this itch site looks awesome :D 

I'm gonna play the game now and hope the game is as awesome as the site ;D

hey can i know how you customized your itch.io page like that?

Part of me thinks the author used a lot of CSS animations? I know you can specify a pattern of points and their durations. I'm not sure how complicated it is to compose though!

ok thx

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you have to email them and ask them to enable custom css... then it's all just a bunch of css animations or however you customize the page. i haven't checked if they have an official place that tells you about all the different page elements/classes but you can just use the dev toolbar to go through the page and find the names to all the id's and classes (it's super basic, just plain simple css, nothing fancy). the fire is actually the header set to the bottom of the page with the index changed... just stuff like that. also lol i found out that you can keep uploading images through the background image upload, and save the url to those images, and then use those images in the css (don't have to keep them as a background, just use that part as a way of uploading more images to use in your css)... at least that seems to work.


good shit! i reccomend playing this on acid

This game is so disturbing, I think I was brainwashed.

send help

This is the single most fucked up game I ever played. I tuinkn I'm in love.

I quit out, around "level" 10; did I lose any progress, or is there no need to redo what I've done so far?


there is no progress saving, it doesn't matter


Hello guys i'm an italian youtuber and this is my video about this game, i love it! good job :3 


thank you! happy you liked it  ❤️


its the dark souls of depression

Have you guys considered releasing a full sound track? :0 

i really love the style <3  


thank you!! :D
the files for the music are included in the MISC > OST > DIY folder when you download the game. There are extras in the MISC folder and audio is one of them...
tho most all of the audio is procedurally assembled so that's why it's in a DIY folder, unless there are better ways of releasing soundtracks that are procedural.

Oh okay!

thanks! <33

I think this is a great game, but I've got to ask. Are you OK? Well maybe not OK OK, but...

I mean... some of these are... I mean... they must come from a lot of pain, and the part that worries me the most is that they paint friendship in a very negative light...

To be honest, in a way the make me feel like I am a terrible friend for offering moral support... but I don't know what else to do, and some times, there is nothing that can be done. I really want to help them, but I can't.

Like I said, I really like that this game makes me ask myself this questions, it is really on point. But being such a personal game I kind of have to ask, Are you OK? Please don’t dismiss friendship, it can help, even if you don't realize it at first, it really helps.

I hope I'm not being to weird.


Ok, I've just realized that I sound like the blue text in Page 2... I'm sorry I just don't know how to react.



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