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first of, this itch site looks awesome :D 

I'm gonna play the game now and hope the game is as awesome as the site ;D

hey can i know how you customized your page like that?

Part of me thinks the author used a lot of CSS animations? I know you can specify a pattern of points and their durations. I'm not sure how complicated it is to compose though!

ok thx

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you have to email them and ask them to enable custom css... then it's all just a bunch of css animations or however you customize the page. i haven't checked if they have an official place that tells you about all the different page elements/classes but you can just use the dev toolbar to go through the page and find the names to all the id's and classes (it's super basic, just plain simple css, nothing fancy). the fire is actually the header set to the bottom of the page with the index changed... just stuff like that. also lol i found out that you can keep uploading images through the background image upload, and save the url to those images, and then use those images in the css (don't have to keep them as a background, just use that part as a way of uploading more images to use in your css)... at least that seems to work.

This game is so disturbing, I think I was brainwashed.

send help

This is the single most fucked up game I ever played. I tuinkn I'm in love.

I quit out, around "level" 10; did I lose any progress, or is there no need to redo what I've done so far?


there is no progress saving, it doesn't matter


Hello guys i'm an italian youtuber and this is my video about this game, i love it! good job :3 


thank you! happy you liked it  ❤️


its the dark souls of depression

Have you guys considered releasing a full sound track? :0 

i really love the style <3  


thank you!! :D
the files for the music are included in the MISC > OST > DIY folder when you download the game. There are extras in the MISC folder and audio is one of them...
tho most all of the audio is procedurally assembled so that's why it's in a DIY folder, unless there are better ways of releasing soundtracks that are procedural.

Oh okay!

thanks! <33

I think this is a great game, but I've got to ask. Are you OK? Well maybe not OK OK, but...

I mean... some of these are... I mean... they must come from a lot of pain, and the part that worries me the most is that they paint friendship in a very negative light...

To be honest, in a way the make me feel like I am a terrible friend for offering moral support... but I don't know what else to do, and some times, there is nothing that can be done. I really want to help them, but I can't.

Like I said, I really like that this game makes me ask myself this questions, it is really on point. But being such a personal game I kind of have to ask, Are you OK? Please don’t dismiss friendship, it can help, even if you don't realize it at first, it really helps.

I hope I'm not being to weird.


Ok, I've just realized that I sound like the blue text in Page 2... I'm sorry I just don't know how to react.



I think this have not been asked before, sorry if so. Any plans on releasing a linux version?


Enough people have asked that I am going to put it under serious consideration. I can't promise anything tho because I know 0 about linux and only have a general idea of what that would entail. Thank you for asking!
I love that there are so many linux people out there that it would get asked this often. :)

Do you think you could work on making a mobile version? Because I really want to play this game for myself, but I don't own a computer. (Technically I do, but it's been broken for a while and is unusable.)


mobile version has come up a lot, and while making it i did design around mobile (on the basic level) so it would be easy to port. it would not be very hard for me to do, but i know that the guidelines for the mobile stores would very likely not allow this "game".
it's breaking too many of their rules. especially the use of old computer UI's.
i would have to aesthetically change too much, so i'm very skeptical if this would even be allowed on.
i would love to tho, but i have not had much luck with putting my stuff on the App Store (or Google Play).

Oh, okay then. I hope you have good luck with future updates!

i got a problem with downloading this. i tried from the website and app both< several times< have no idea what the promblem is? idk but i would love to play it< looks great


i just tried downloading it myself and it worked fine (I'm on a Mac tho).
i'll try it on my PC but it seems to work.
if it still fails you can try it from GameJolt:

it worked on my seventh try :) this zine resonated with me alot. tooo much for comfort. but it was fun. ill be sure to replay this again.

gonna cry myself to sleep tho

but honestly thank you. this is great. i gotta go and print out the lil poatato guy tommorow

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it was a little unsettling at first, but i quickly fell in love and it made me feel emotional remembering things that happened in the past, but i got a lot out of this! it definitely isn't for everyone, but it definitely surprised me with how fun it is to read through everything and still feel warm <3

Thank you! Happy you liked it! 💕

THIS IS SO GOOD. I feel like I have found a kindred spirit. I will re-evaluate my donation price :)


You should make books and t-shirts! 



u did it, noice. 1/0


I'm usually not a massive fan of these avant-garde types of games that aren't very direct on their messages but something possessed me to give this game a try. Suffice to say, I was really impressed at how good the metaphors for depression and anxiety were. A lot of it rang true with myself and it made me kinda emotional in a weird way. I didn't expect to relate to a game that looks like it's gonna get me arrested but I thought it was a great experience. Also, loved the Let's Player/Streamer section; really great satire.


I'll be honest here. The "game" is garbage. Unless you have some sort of mental disorder, it's just.... ugh. This is a good example of a low standard game even amongst indie games.

This is def going on /r/artgames..!! :D

:O yay! :D


this is literally the greatest

I love this so much. <3


Ǝ S ∀ Ǝ ⅂ Ԁ     ᴎ O I S ᴚ Ǝ ᴧ    X ∩ ᴎ I ⅂

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Is the final version going to be free? And are we allowed to make fanart?

I loved playing this a lot! My favorite pages are 9, 17, the one you got to help the bunny(?) live as long as possible, the lava-survival one and the mirror one (it's 20-something)!

I doubt dev is going to see this, but this game cheered me up a lot (which is a rare thing today because of depression and all that stuff) and I found it so surreal and relatable! Even if the final version ends up not being free, I'll sing on the streets to ask for money lol.

thank you for the kind words! I'm really happy you liked it.

Yes, you are allowed to make fan art.

I don't know about the pricing but I'll send you a key if it's not free (if I forget feel free to remind me/ask).


Senpai noticed me So nice of you to say that <3 ! Still working on the fan art!

I have no idea how to interpret this.

Thanks for the acid trip though.

nice game :)


Best Thing at AMAZE.

:D Thank you!


I love what you're doing with this zine, keep it up!


AMAZING! <3 Love the game

I was actually speechless while witnessing this stuff.

Fantastic! I love the generation of original content. Just great.

I love this.

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well done, i really like your interactive zine. it's quite artsy and retro. :)


"javascript has killed us all"
I agree.

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