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your have open ok

just... HOW?!?!


WOAH. im only like 12 but a lot of this is so creepily relatable. idontthinkthisissupposedtobenormal. But i tell myself every day. "My struggles are what evreyone deals with" And it doesnt really do anything. The amount of stuff i think is wrong with me is crazy, but i dont say anything bc i know pepole dont want to hear it. so i act like a normal person. No one suspects anything, and it really is rotting me on the inside. I hope its not just me. ( oof ive never said anything this deep before asdfghjkl sorry)


i'm 12 too lol


Hello! I just wanted to pop in and say this game has been my favorite game for about 5 years now. I played it when it first came out and it was the only thing that comforted me when I was struggling with schizoaffective and other disorders. I just saw you added my game to a collection and I've been over the moon that my favorite creator, one that got me through  extremely trauma ridden times, saw my game and liked it. I chose to comment here as this is where it all started.  I just wanted to say thank you for getting me through some of the hardest times in my life with this art piece. I cannot believe that my all time favorite creator found my game. You inspired me so heavily when I was learning to make games. So once again, thank you. Thank you for everything. <3

So, I first played this game like years ago, I can't give and exact date but I was definitely quite young, like 12 or 13 or something (I'm 17, almost 18 now). and as I leave my childhood, I look back and I cannot tell you how much this game changed my life. I'm not going to dump my personal life but I had been dealing with traumatic things for years, and I never had that kind of movie-like sadness and melancholy, rather jumbled loud thoughts and feelings I could only describe through abstract ideas I couldn't say out loud.  and wow this game hit the nail on the god damn head. I had felt so much, different, it felt like exploring my own head and really saved little child me. This game has influenced my own art butt-tons as well. What I'm getting at, is that this game is so fucking amazing and beautiful and a perfect depiction of a feeling I could never ever describe on my own. I really think if I hadn't have found this game I probably would've still looked in my mentally ill brain and thought I was just an otherworldy unfixable weirdo, and this game is so beautiful and I hope you keep pursuing art like this forever. 

woah what kind of game is thi?. i never seen anything like it before. the creator must be very brave. putting this much effort on something that havent existed yet.


Viciously personal and viciously relatbale


i thought id finally write a review for this game. this may single handedly be my favourite game probably ever? this game has been an art inspiration for me for years now. i never knew when i played this originally that id get a story about mental health and your personal struggles and inner monologues, paired with stunning visuals along. and alongside this, theres hilarious melancholy, bitter sweet characters and games that give the player a bombardment of emotions. the way its all presented is insane - the voices, the audio, the visuals - it feels like a sensory overload. but like, a super cool one. its such a fucking beautiful game, i sometimes open it up just to chill on some of the screens with the music, or read some of the various poems/diary entries whenever i need a familiar place to immerse myself in. so much of this game has influenced my art, its hard to put into words how much this game has helped me. nathalie lawhead, sorry it took 6 years to get this message out lol. please please PLEASE continue to make beautiful works of art such as this, absolutely all of your work is stunning.

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thank you!!! 😭 omg i cannot express how much this means to hear, especially rn the timing is a blessing. hearing things like this encourages me to keep going. making this type of art is what i love doing the most out of life and all i want to do. i hope for the new thing i am working on to hold up and be as meaningful as this.

it was hard to work on it. making art that is “different” is scary, but knowing people like you exist out there that love it like this makes it absolutely worth it. thank you!! 😭🙏🥰

I played this around 2019/2020, and since then, it's been one of my favourite things ever. I wont ever get tired of telling everyone that this is truly art.

This "game" really gave me a lot of feelings and it's amazing. Thanks for making this!

Thank you very much for what felt like a very personal and deeply moving experience. It was emblematic, as it seems to me, to the voice though which the realty of the modern world can be expressed, indeed - should be expressed. Especially so for people who are not privileged and/or non-normative. It is painful to me that the community of people who enjoy video games to which I belong is so toxic and continues to be so harmful to beautiful artistic voices such as yourself. A sad, sad state of affairs that we are in that those things can happen.

i love this game very much thank you for making it


Havent played it yes BuT ThIs Game Is SuPrIzeInLy PlayAbel

this captures my brain PERFETCTLZY andi  love it thank you This is my LIfe eveyrhting is amazing

Its not a virus, it looks like one, but if you download this, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK.

In case you can't read this: "If you can get past the seizure-inducing visuals, this is a worthwhile play."

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 all the comments are burningaahhh

🔥🔥yes because🔥 the 🔥comment section is actually 🔥hell 🔥🔥

I love this dearly. Came back to it recently following some personal events, felt I needed it again. I did.

When everything is going to be ok 2

Its two game

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so cool and has a lot of heavy shit

thank you.


i love this game sm,, wish it had some sort of conclusion tho

this is absolutely the best thing i've ever played through


why is there fire in bottom in the srceeen

we burnin aaaaaaa


beautiful in its own way c:

Oh wow! What an experience! Sensory overload. Really sad at parts but also very funny. We both enjoyed this experience. We did not finish it all but we will get back to it. A lot is going on in this one.

People need to check this out.

Wow that was sure something. Oh damn I just spent 2 hours on this. Very cool experience though. Woud recommend.

this looks like a fucking fever dream jesus christ

how the fuck



wait how did you do these effects? pretty cool.

Deleted post

You, ma'am, have made some incredibly weird and wild stuff, but this is above and beyond



This really was a whole Experience! I had no idea what to expect from one page to the next but always left with something to think about. Your poetry and prose writing is so evocative, too. A lot of this really hit home for me  and I'll be thinking about this piece of art for a good, long while.

what the hell is going on

i dont know what i just played but i know it just played it


This made me cry. Thank you for making this

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