A downloadable love story for Windows and macOS

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A_DESKTOP_LOVE_STORY is a short love story told between two files.
Due to system restrictions this is a forbidden love.
As a system administrator, you are the only one that can help them.


  * Files with feelings.

  * Musical interludes.

  * Emotional computers.

How to play
* Follow the instructions they give you.
* Do not rename files.
* The way it should work is that they give you a file to deliver. You put that file in their folder. They see it and react... If that doesn't happen then it's broke, and please lmk.
* You should run this as admin (sorry, I tried my best. this is safe).
This is very experimental. It's built to play out entirely on your desktop. I hope it runs for you. It should.
For those interested, this devlog has a lot more information, and technical notes.

Design Notes & Philosophy:

A_DESKTOP_LOVE_STORY is a folder containing programs that, with your help, are able to interact with one another to tell a story of forbidden love. It is designed in such a way as to work around restrictions on your system.

There are a lot of restrictions placed on software from unlicensed developers, and the more system functionality that is required the more something like this becomes impossible unless it is distributed through official channels. The issue is that something like this would never really be accepted in these official storefronts, so this is a rare piece of freeware that should be experienced while it still exists.
I would safely say that you might never have played something this way before.

A_DESKTOP_LOVE_STORY won Free Game Planet's most innovative gameplay of 2018, along with a bunch of other cool games. Check them out. They curate very interesting things.  ❤️

A_DESKTOP_LOVE_STORY was nominated for A MAZE Berlin 2019!


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

a_desktop_love_story___WINDOWS.zip 71 MB
a_desktop_love_story____OSX.zip 74 MB
a_desktop_love_story_WINDOWS.zip 71 MB
FestivalBuild_OSX.zip 106 MB
FestivalBuild_WINDOWS.zip 101 MB

Development log


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im basically on the last step (getting them in the same file), but the file explorer isnt letting me. if anyone knows a way to get them in the same file, please tell me.

it a game [I GOOD BOY]

This thing is called DLC, I kind of like something that has to do with DLC. I will play this soon :)

THis was soooo fun to play!!

yay thank u!!

looooveeeeeee :D

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This is a really cute story, and I enjoy the notes, sketches, and story! 10/10, would recommend.

how did you make the text glitchededed

On Mac version they don't react to the notes!

This was the cutest game aaaa :3

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I just love leeroy qwq

Edit: i shall make a yt vid for dis >:D

yay! :D

once i find more storage to make vids pwq

what did you use to make this?

Hi Alienmelon, this was a beautiful piece or art. the voices, the messages, the art, everything was chef's Kiss. 

hey alienmelon, i have a great idea, if you instead delete one of them the one left (shy file or cute file) will cry

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my browser said its prohibed XD

(edit: also what is with this font???)

I love the games you are making! Every game of yours i play is exactly what I wanted but dident know what to ask for :)  

Help, the shy file can't tell i'm giving them a new note.

what OS are I running this on? Windows? lmk so I can test to troubleshoot.

The OS i'm on is Windows 10 Home.

(1 edit) (+1)

I've not played anything like this before, and it was such a genuinly lovely experience. <3


aw thank you!!!! <3

Bravo on the game. THis took me around 20 minutes to play but i thought the gameplay was incredibly cool. I feel like wanting to do something like this myself. do you think you could make a tutorial on this? Also, what game engine do you use


thank you!

i have a breakdown of the tech i use to build this stuff here: http://www.nathalielawhead.com/candybox/building-weird-games-with-alternative-te...
anything mentioned in that post would work.
the two devlogs here talk about the technical issues i had (they're both good starting points to know what to look out for) https://alienmelon.itch.io/lovestory/devlog
you won't have a lot of trouble if you target Windows. OSX is difficult tho (for something like this).

This makes my depression weaken, this made me happy that these things help me! thank you. so much, i love it!


For some reason I really like the feeling of accumulating  their notes and presents and looking back at their collections. Also deeply touched whenever I recieved a Leeroy flower


Leeroy finding flowers is the most blessed thing in the world

 ☺️ ❤️!!

I put the note in "the_cute_file" and she doesn't read it :((((

if this is on OSX the "A_DESKTOP_LOVE_STORY" folder has to be on the desktop to work (can't be nested).
would recommend the same for windows. lmk if that fixes it?

Deleted 4 years ago

well i mean the story is that they've known each other for years, but they're unable to meet, or defy further system permissions so they can really tell each other about how they feel.
it's also worth pointing out that both of them refer to themselves as they/them.

they are both nonbinary and this relationship is gay.

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Deleted 3 years ago

Really brilliant neat bit of design here. Loved it.

thank you! happy you thought so! :D


This was too adorable thank you!
I love your itch page by the way, and that little heart cursor <3


this was very cute. i loved it.


This is the greatest file of all time, the main reason why this files are looking for love ones it because they have emotional feelings. (THEY ARE SO CUTE AHHH)

This is so cool haha. Good work!

una experiencia agradable, pero tengo que admitir que me da miedo pensar en sentimientos virtuales, lo que vi fue amor real? que es lo que lo hizo real? 

x2 :/


Very Cute!

I totally adore your work, I've never seen anything like it before- keep up the good work

thank you!


It really made me smile, thanks a lot for making this very lovely small game!

thank you! ❤️ happy you liked it! :D


This is beautiful and charming, thanks for brightening up my morning!



this is really, really incredible, i loved it.

there are very good points in your devlog about your concerns and viability of this, but at least for me you knocked it out of the park.

thank you for the kind words! i'm happy that you liked it. :)

This looks fabulous, will there be a mac version?

Still working on figuring that out, but I think yes.

Another great work! I think I should make a video about this...

Did it! 

Sorry, it's in Russian, so most of you guys can hardly understand it. :c


This is so cool, thank you!!   ❤️