A downloadable hot potato for Windows and macOS

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Electric Love Potato (Two Point OH!) is the next generation potato desktop assistant. Much like its predecessor, it will shower you with compliments, love, appreciation, quality conversation, music, and now a variety of original potato art.

*Note: This is not to be mistaken with the Electric Love Potato. This is the **Electric Love Potato (Two Point OH!)**. There's a whole version of a difference.*

This feature rich friend application supports a number of activities ranging from "shaming" to "brushing" and "watering". It is an all in one companion app!

All of Electric Love Potato (Two Point OH!)'s features are designed to keep you company as you work, play, or engage in your daily electronic activities. Simply run the program, and enjoy the friendship!
Electric Love Potato (Two Point OH!) is not a game, and we encourage you to view this as an extension to your gaming experience. Much like a virtual headset, or motion sensors are, but potato.

Electric Love Potato (Two Point OH!) is the future of screenmate, deskmates, and virtual pet applications!

No installation is required for Electric Love Potato (Two Point OH!). It is ready to run and provide cutting edge virtual companionship.
Electric Love Potato (Two Point OH!) is small and, unlike its predecessor, takes up less screen-space. This is made possible by a SMALLtato option hard wired into the potatocore.

Electric Love Potato (Two Point OH!) is suitable for all audiences as, unlike its predecessor, it does not make misinterprative unwanted advances. Electric Love Potato (Two Point OH!) has been engineered to give the very best state-of-the-art companionship.

Electric Love Potato (Two Point OH!) is ready to be your friend! (TM)

WARNING: Your potato may be susceptible to monsters, please do not leave your potato unattended.

UPDATE: This is not a virus. I would never make one, or distribute one. This goes against what I believe in. I made this because I thought it would be cute, make people laugh, and the idea was funny. Please consider that you might be doing my work harm by unfairly stigmatizing it, before posting comments about viruses. This is not an association I want. There is absolutely nothing malicious about this. All it does is spit out random audio, and occasionally saves art, if you let it.


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I quit school, stay at home and spend time with my potato

awe! <3

Deleted post

lol you know this was a trojan horse right btw a trojan horse is something that seems usefull but is really a virus not even gonna try it plz dont download


ffs the only thing this does is spit out random audio and saves art out if you let it. I would never create a virus, or infect my work with one. I made this because I thought it would make people happy, and it would've cute and funny. THIS IS NOT A VIRUS!

This is truly what mankind has dreamed of, i see the FBI/NSA has stepped their spyware game, even so i can safely say that this is a FLAWLESS product, you couldn't wish for anything better than a talking potato companion. 10/10, i would recommend to everyone i know.

theres no virus in it right?

no virus.

100%clean potato.


I love it! It's the best potato companion ever!