A downloadable ARG

Mackerelmediafish.com (playable here) is an ARG-like text adventure about digital archeology and friendship in unlikely places.

* Explore the ruins of an abandoned website.
* Brave the hazards of the old web.
* Embark on a quest to find what you are looking for!

Note: This may take you away from itch, but it will also return you to it (no spoilers).
There is a beginning, middle, and end (a win state, yes)

馃悷馃悹馃悷馃悹 馃憞More about this Fish 馃憞馃悷 馃悹馃悷馃悹

Mackerelmediafish.com is built to be a website based game where you navigate the abandoned ruins of a long forgotten website to find clues as to the disappearance of a fish (not just any fish, but the one you are looking for). You are assigned the role of a digital archeologist and must navigate through a text adventure.
The path to what you are looking for is strewn with hazards and interesting characters.
This is a web project that takes place across a website, open directory, and finally leads to something vague and mysterious on itch.
Mackerelmediafish.com is meant to be a time-manageable experience. You can play it within an evening. If you choose to read, and really fulfill the role of an internet archeologist, it will take longer. There's lots of written content, so you should be ready to  read. View it as something between an ARG, graphic novel, and text adventure.

The entire ARG is open source on github here.

馃搫 馃摪 馃攷Press馃攳馃摪馃搫

"The page is a pure dose of nostalgia, but the kind that鈥檚 melancholy rather than comforting — like visiting your old hometown and finding all its store windows boarded up."
- The Verge

"I don鈥檛 know where to begin with this—literally, figuratively, existentially?"
- Rock Paper Shotgun

"Mackerelmedia Fish also has some things to say about our connection with media and technology, asking us to treasure and explore rather than consume and move on."
- Indie Games Plus

"It is definitely a text adventure, because I was eaten by a grue."
- PC Gamer

"If you鈥檝e wanted to check out this weird genre but were too scared to jump in, this is the perfect chance."
- itch.io blog

"This is a hilarious and wonderfully animated game and the less you know about it before you go in the better."

- Make Use Of

Development log


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you spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round

why is the comment section spinning


This was an amazing experience. I love you, THE Fish. <3



(1 edit) (+1)

So long and thanks for all the fish!


i have unlocked THE Fish



I'm Going to Puke on this Spinning Comment Section

im getting sick but i love this

woah this is very swirly

aaaaaa this comment section is making me dizzy, it looks very inetresting, excited to play.


Great game, love the style!! (SPEEN)



Hi, my sister is angry and armed with a knife, please help me.

pee pee poo poo


dear god please help


s p i n





reality is an illusion

what the



dizzy, sO DiZzY! :/

i'm getting dizzy

i'm getting dizzy

Oh boy, here I go!

help i can't stop spinnin

ok awesome B-)

This is cool

how do i get both endings

wait, nvm

also, how can i help the cyberpets? I am sad for them now


In case anyone wants to stop the spinning, just use inspect element and deselect the animation checkbox.

I used inspect element to prevent the comments from spinning around

Having the comments spin around is a form of censorship because nobody will bother to attempt to read any critique found here because it's "not worth the effort"*

*i'm joking

it's kinda hard to read this

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