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This is a follow up to the profile themes.
These are a selection of some themes for your game pages.

You can browse them in the embedded html file above.
To use the CSS just copy/paste it into your game's CSS widget. You must have custom CSS enabled.

As is the case with the profile themes, these are serious themes made by a very serious professional. You may not laugh at them, you may only use them.

If you laugh at them, then you are ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED to take this survey.
It is highly discouraged to laugh at these themes without taking the survey.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
Tagscss, futuretech, hot, html, html5, nextgen, nextgen-css, professional, quality, tool


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Man, you are crazy. Fantastic work!

man wish i could use css editor so i could do this stuff

to get it enabled all you have to do is email support and ask

oh nice i didnt think it would be that easy lol


I know this is old but when i use the skeleton one the download button doesnt appear


oh thanks for letting me know. i'll take a look.


If i knew you could do this kind of stuff with HTML and CSS, i would of kept up my coding practice with it.

This has inspired me to re-learn HTML and CSS to make weird things with it.


I Love You


Everyone, this guy is serious about the laughing thing.

I laughed and was soon arrested by the local police, who handed the case over to the FBI.

In order to "reform" me, I have been forced to win 10 'try not to laugh' challenges, in order earn my freedom.

I am writing this from my cell. I have not won any yet. Please, send help.

Deleted 3 years ago
(2 edits) (+1)(-1)

Yes. But I’m out now.

My escape was not easy. Those cringe compilations were impossible to not laugh hysterically to.

I realized that my only hope would be to remove my own vocal chords.

I was very nervous that night. I had convinced my captors that the plastic utensils made me swell, so they suppplied me with nice, sharp metal ones.

The surgery went horribly wrong.

I was rushed to the infirmary, bleeding like a dog in a blender, but they managed to fix me up. One small problem though; they could not fix my vocal chords.

Without vocal chords, I could not laugh, so their ‘Try not to Laugh’ challenges were useless to me as a form of torture.

 So, they let me go...

To normal prison, from which I am now writing this from.

Send help.


Yes. The survey is what protects you from this very harsh punishment.

The lol police are no laughing matter.
(haha a pun! ok sorry)


That... was awesome!