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These are a selection of some themes for profile pages. You can browse them in the embeded html file above.
To use the CSS just copy/paste it into your page. You must have custom CSS enabled.

I will be updating this with more as I make them. I made more and posted them here.

(these are serious themes made by a very serious professional. you may not laugh at them, you may only use them. I am using "earthquake" on on my page. it is very good.)

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A lot of these themes seem counterproductive, but as a former coder, I respect the grind. These must have been a nightmare to create…


Respect, this is impressive!


Alien is truly a CSS wizard.... too bad it's nigh impossible to write anything on Tetra Games let alone reply to somebody.


these are extremely good and high quality and not even in the slightest bit funny.


Great work. Thank you.

Can you please help me with custom CSS? I would like to categorize listing on my profile page like all games under Games Heading, all assets under Assets heading, etc. 

Right now, my profile page is like mess. It doesn't look organized. Any help would be appreciated. :)

Categorizing listings isn't something you can do with CSS (CSS can only control elements that already exist on a page -- like you could adjust how icons look...), so this sounds more like something for a feature request for itch.

Thanks alot for your response. It clarifies my question. :)


My name is Viktor Strobovski 


You are the best person and your themes are amazing!

(\ ^-^ /)


Lovely !


this is really nice, good job and thank you


this is amazing


thank u! ☺️

Thanks bro-tendo


Hey, where can I find the custom CSS Field?


you gotta email us to get it enabled,