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This is my one abandoned project that I feel bad about abandoning because so much work went into it :) It never had a name. The file is just called "20"...

lol looking at it now it's kinda bad (in a fun way). Please don't read the poetry.

Also, in my defense, this was made BEFORE Portal. The "running man" motive was totally original, ok? OKAY!

The idea was that you are having kind of a nervous break down at your job. The game leads you to make the assumption that you fell asleep at your desk and are "living out your life" at work. This is fed to you as "impressions" and "fragments"...

You "wake up" in some distorted reality of your day-to-day. You have a "money counter" that's ticking away. You would have to follow a trail of money through the maze. There would be lots of distractions on the way so it would be hard to not lose focus, and have all your money disappear (like stupid tasks you are trapped by and have to complete).
There was never going to be any real end, although there would be tangents that you could decide to end the game at (like stopping at the park, and just deciding to stay there and watch all the people go by). The main "ending" would be you reaching the end of the maze and laying down in your grave. You die. End. Ha!

Yes. It's a bit melodramatic. It was reflective of my phobia of being "normal", and "disappearing".

I do like the functionality. It's isometric, for one.
Tiles are random, and details in the environment are random too.
Functionally speaking, I think I made a very good "engine"/thing at the time (for my skill level). The behavior is all built. You can pass through things, and a thing/animation would trigger (it's rife with "placeholder art"). You can walk into "hotspots" and it would take you to another screen where you could do stuff (like your desk, the water cooler, the secretary desk...)... interact with the world on a basic level.
It is super old... like AS2 old, so you get the idea.

Note: Pressing "M" in the big maze area (third screen) breaks everything.

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