A downloadable potatoware for macOS

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Electric Love Potato: Potatoware Cursor is the latest in potato technology. It offers the option to replace your normal Mac, cursor with a potato.
Electric Love Potato: Potatoware Cursor is designed for those who are hesitant about Electric Love Potatoes, still want a potato on their desktop, but without the constant barrage of compliments. This makes it a suitable alternative for users that hate hugs.

Electric Love Potato: Potatoware Cursor requires minimum, to no, maintenance and will run in the background as an Advanced Background Process (tm).

Electric Love Potato: Potatoware Cursor is Mac only, because that's just how life is.

Features Include:

* Some bugs
* Potato Cursor
* Classic Loading Cursors
- Classic loading cursors are great for practical joke purposes.
- Your unsuspecting victim will think that their computer is loading forever, or possessed by a potato.
- Pares well with the Infinitely Loading Screensaver (Mac only).
* Guaranteed not a virus! You are safe running this potatoware.

Disclaimer: This potatoware may or may not enhance productivity.

This potatoware is in memory of Gerald, the original Electric Love Potato. Gerald was buried this year so that she may grow, but was unfortunately eaten by an animal (or crazy person).

Note: This is a joke, made for myself to cheer up the workday, and thrown together with 0 planning, and no testing. I'm sharing because someone else may enjoy it too. Basically, it's a small app that just runs on top of everything. I know there are better ways of making this. I don't want to hear them. If you don't like it make your own.

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