A downloadable zine maker for Windows and macOS

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The Electric Zine Maker (⚡️📝✂️) is a printshop and art tool for making zines.
This tool includes a drawing interface. You can import images, size and place, write text with any font that you have installed, smudge, paint, and a number of other options. You can also save your zines, and easily re-import them by dragging the saved zine folder back into the main menu. It is built with collaboration in mind.

The Electric Zine Maker has a new beautiful website where you can learn more about it! Click here to visit it.

macOS users that have trouble opening the Electric Zine Maker (the file keeps getting blocked), please read this guide for how to open it.

If you liked The Electric Zine Maker please consider paying for it so I can cover development costs and make money from it. Thank you kindly.

The Electric Zine Maker is still under development!!!
This is an early beta.
Be gentle! It has early beta feelings!!!  💔❤️!??

More art tools are being built for it.
There are a number of bugs. It is rough around a few edges.
You can read more about what is planned for it here.

The Electric Zine Maker is planned to be an "art toy". It's a playful tool with which you can create cute little things. The finished version will feature a silly little back-story, and other characters, maybe even some small game-like interactions to build a story around it, so that it's an all around playful piece of freeware.

Things planned:

* Many strange and interesting art-tools for the drawing interface
* Bugs need to be fixed and the UI's still need more work
* A back story, and little characters that reinforce the fictional universe it is placed in.
* A number of other art-tools (that are packaged with it), that allow you to create effects and glitch art for your zines.
* Clip art will be bundled with the Zine Maker so you have more art to work with.

Things from other devs:

* Jeremy Oduber made an html template for turning zines made with the Electric Zine Maker into a web ready html zine (web zines!). You can host those on itch. It's easy to use! Check it out: https://jeremyoduber.itch.io/js-zine


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it's an amazing tool - it's really boosted my motivation to make art, i'm making zines almost daily now, and they make amazing personal projects + gifts for loved ones! it's really easy and fun to use, it's got amazing features that let me experiment a lot with different mediums and concepts. thanks for making this! it's fun to make, fun to share and fun to look at other people's projects. 

IT'S SUCH A GREAT TOOL AAAAA. I've been making some comics and birthday cards for friends and it's just the absolute best, it's so fun to make, so fun to share and so fun to receive and see. I cannot sing enough praise for you Nathalie!!!! AND IT'S JUST A BETA AS WELL . Just the best. It's one of the projects that make sme love the Indie "game" community and niche so much. Thanks so much for it!


yay!!! thank you for the kind words! that means a lot to hear!!! <3

how do you make this beautiful art style?

this is litrally the best thing ever! makes it so much easier to make a lot of zines n motivates me to make art (o˘◡˘o)

the very first zine i made: https://yeeahhhkeepscrolling.itch.io/brain-surgery

this is so cool! thank u for sharing!!


How can I get my zines potentially submitted to the EZM library?

Thanks so much for all your hard work x

if you upload your zine to itch, share the link to the itch page with me and I’ll add it.

and thank you! can’t wait to see what u make!!


I added it!

yeehaw! thanks so much for this tool. i have trouble letting go of impossible standards when it comes to what i create, so this tool is the perfect excuse to get my feelings down without overthinking it.

here's my first finished one: https://vividgrim.itch.io/nequient


This is absolutely wonderful. I mean it.  I can't support financially at the moment, but I want to thank you for making this!


This is so MUCH fun to use! Love the little potato...mascot? The built-in templates made it really easy to use - would love to see templates for zines bigger than mini size. Already recommended it to all my friends

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When I download it via the Itch.io launcher it doesn't seem to include the current Windows build, just the current Mac build and old Windows builds

Yeah it looks like only OLD VERSIONS is available via the launcher.  prob worth checkin out.  thanks!

I just fixed this. Thanks for letting me know!

No prob!  loving this weirdness :)

any other fun tools on itch you like and might shout out?  i never thought to look here for tools n stuff

yes I have a collection of them here: https://itch.io/c/235488/cool-tools

Tools I found on itch. there’s a lot!

rad!  i am stoked to look through this, thanks



Had a ton of fun making a zine and learning all the weird quirks--only had one problem. My boyfriend is a beautiful holographic cactus sticker, and he was really mad that there wasn't any sticker representation in the game and I agree.

This page gave me a headache but I love it so I will not stop looking at it. 


the product page gave me motion sickness and made me throw up. i love it. 10/10 would watch in the car again.


How come there are no potatows stamps!?? UNACCEPTABLE!   Loved it :)  S2


Is there any way to export larger sizes/make zines in higher resolution/DPI?

Same!! I love this program but I wish it was a higher resolution/dpi. Hopefully in a future update!!

Windows Defender detects this as a virus on Windows 10 :/ Do you know why?

I can't export any zine I make.

This is by far the best comments section on itch, love the program!


trying to leave a comment and not liking the wavy movement AT ALL. please make it accessible FOR ALL USERS. 

Got this in the antiracist bundle and it is sooo useful. The aesthetics are hilarious to me and add a lot, but even if all it did was put stuff where it needed to be so it'd be pages, I'd be delighted. Thank you for this.

this is genius! thank you for this!

This is amazing and hilarious. Not the program, I haven't tried it yet, but this webpage.

Interesting tool but I'm having a bit of an issue with my drawing tablet - there's a pretty major delay in recognizing a mark, leaving a straight line at the start of each one. This isn't a problem in other drawing programs or my settings, so... any idea?

I figured out that you have to disable "Windows Ink" in your tablet driver settings (:


Best thing on the internet right now. Encourages completely open creativity. I only wish I could make 16-page zines! If this was a drag queen it would be Yvie Oddly x Crystal Methyd x Love Connie.


Aaaah lol omg thank you!!! 😆 (love the comparisons)

I'm having problems with using a Huion graphic tablet with this. I have to wiggle the pen around first while pressed onto the tablet before I can draw something.  Is there a way to make it work correctly?

this is best zine maker

download for very use!!!

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would really like to try this. is it possible to get a linux build?


Hey if anyone else needs a workaround to make this comments section more readable, try the following:

1. Open your browser dev tools.

In Firefox, Shift-F7 will open the Style Editor, or open the following menus: Tools --> Web Developer --> Style Editor.

In Chrome, Shift + Ctrl + J (or Option + ⌘ + J on macOS) opens the developer console.

2. Turn off the following styles: <inline style sheet #1>, <inline style sheet #2>. In Firefox you click the little eye icon next to each style, I don't know what you do in Chrome.

I hope this helps, obviously providing instructions to make a comments section more readable within a comment is to some extent self-defeating.

I love the fish ARG!


this is the best drawing tool I have ever used. Everyone should use this it's so perfect

cute and good program, but I'm getting a "There are no more files" error when I try to save with it; help?

(also, the swaying comment section is... a bit much. hard to read and use yknow. and yeah, i'd appreciate a less eye-hurty version for people that want to make a zine but would rather not deal with the aesthetic.)

Are you on Windows or Mac? What system are you running this in? This will help me troubleshoot. Thank you.

windows 8.1

oh boy what did i fall into, this is a really good program, the only downside is there is no 16 page templates, or more/less, if you were to release one more update, could that be in it please?

Cheers Gareth

Lots of cool things here, but I kind of wish there were some layout options. For instance, have a fullpage spread mode for facing pages. And some output options wouldn't hurt either. The eight-up page is nice, but I would also like to have some duplex options for doing a little stapled thing.  Do love that it works for both A4 and letter size though!



absolutely love the features and versatility of this thing. i hope some more minimal and less eyestrainy options come soon


agreed!!! this seems like a great tool, but I can't actually use it because looking at the interface gives me a headache. it's  really extremely inaccessible from a disability standpoint (as is this itch page, cute as it is) 


yeah no shit. im getting sea sickness just commenting. this dev is insultuing disabled people while physically hurting them.

I love LOVE this program!! I'm a bit into an art block and this program really helps me! It's a really fun way to do cool stuff without too much pressure!

That’s so cool to hear! I’m happy that it helps. :D


My absolute favorite program of 2019. It's creative, it's fun, it's wacky, it's practical. It's brilliant. Thank you.

yay! thank you!! happy u like it :D


hey!! just wanted to say that i absolutely love this program!! im so into making zines now lmao its amazing!! thank you sm and i will use this program liek,,,, daily <3


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