A downloadable AaaaAaaaah for Windows and macOS

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The AaaaAaaapp gives voice to your computer!
This app runs in the background and occasionally plays a passionate scream. Hence the name, AaaaAaaapp.
The AaaaAaaapp is virtually featureless, making it a great addition to your productive workday. Never let your computer be silent again!

Features include:

* Screams coming from your computer. (your computer finally has a voice!)

* Includes gratuitously impassioned exclamations of 'why' and 'no'. Also some coughs (screaming is hard).

* A pop-up bubble, indicating what your computer is screaming about. (this helps you better understand its feelings)

* Cries are somewhat muffled so that you may run this without interrupting your workflow, and to make being yelled at a somewhat pleasant experience.

Note: This software is cruelty free! No, your computer is NOT in any actual pain.
Thank you for choosing to install the AaaaAaaapp!

UPDATE: you can now get JAAAaaaAAavascript.js for your website, CLICK HERE! JAAAaaaAAavascript.js is ideal for websites with lots of text, or written content. As users browse, read, or engage with your page, they will occasionally hear screams of despair.

Published Dec 19, 2016
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Tagsaaaaaaaaah, alienmelon, app, desktop, scream, tetrageddon, void


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I now feel extremely bad about my pc. My productivity is slightly increasing though!

yo i always wanted my frail weak laptop to scream at me <3 ive been enlightened

obamacare is putting frogs in chemtrails and it all traces back to the and the russians !11!!1!! all things considered its too late since ron paul killed us all 9 enelevenen