September update: New drawing tools!

My life is in kind of a difficult place right now. Since I'm not certain about the stability of my future (if you follow me on Twitter you'll know why) I'm putting this release of the Zine Maker out there now (ahead of schedule).

This edition is not finished, and I didn't add all the line tools that I wanted to, BUT the features in this are exciting enough!
It's worth downloading! Do it!!
There are lots of fun new tools specifically built for drawing.

Most of these new tools are for drawing interesting and cool lines. Most of them are very customizable to give you control over what you draw with. (more are still coming! I'm just not sure about life-stability right now so I'm putting this out there now).

If you feel so inclined to Tweet about this Zine Maker edition, and share it, I would appreciate it tremendously.
I can't really be on social media right now, or promote this the way I normally do, so I won't really be able to talk about this release. It kind of bums me out because the tools here are really cool and designed well.
Anything you can do to get the word out would help a lot.
Unfortunately the mess that I'm in is overshadowing my work.

Ok... sorry for the depressing tone. Here are the features and all the new fun things!!

* Feature: The Pen tool (default drawing tool) now has transparency option! You can set the transparency of the lines you draw. This option is available for most lines.
Most basic drawing that involves the pen tool supports alpha. The Pattern Spray tool also supports alpha.
You can layer your colors! Yay!

* Feature: New shortcuts. Left & right arrows on your keyboard page through the tool panel.

* New Tool: Perlin Brush
Perlin Brush let's you draw with perlin noise! You can control the type of noise, as well as the color. There is also an option to "Draw Random". This will generate random noise whenever you finish a line.
You can also generate random values to generate a new texture to draw with.
You can also select "Draw Noise" to draw with plain noise instead of Perlin Noise.
The Perlin Brush can be used along with tools in the Color Factory to adjust the Perlin Noise and make interesting textures.

* New Tool: Soft Brush
The soft brush is basically an airbrush! Fade is enabled by default. This causes the brush to gradually fade out as you draw with it making a nice trailing effect. This enables interesting effects!
Turning Fade OFF puts it in plain airbrush mode.
You can adjust its size.

* New Tool: Perlin Chalk
Perlin chalk is a soft textured chalk type tool. It works a lot like the Soft Brush. Fade is enabled by default, but you can disable it and draw full lines. It's best used for adding texture to your art, or making lines that are a little more interesting.

* New Tool: Runny Ink
Runny ink is ink that runs and bleeds out as you draw with it. It makes lava lamp type effects, and is great for making bubbly cloud like looking art. This is a therapeutic tool that's fun to watch and play with.

* New Tool: Custom Ink
Custom ink lets you customize your brush stroke. This one is fun and you get all sorts of interesting effects with it.
You can use the default one (toggle disabled) and it will draw a blotchy line. You can adjust the alpha for either cases and have interesting layering in color happening.
If you enable toggle the line will be much more random and textured. Try playing with all the different values and combinations to find one that you like!

* New Tool: Dotted
Dotted enables dotted lines. You can adjust the types of dots, spacing, and length... or (fun bonus!) set the sprinkle value to high for an effect that looks like candy sprinkles. This is another fun tool to make your drawings interesting.

* New Tool: Low Ink
Low ink is one of my favorites! This is basically an animated line. Like the name suggests, you can draw and ink will eventually deplete making the line size smaller and smaller. There are a number of settings...
Default: Line size depletes as you draw
Random: Random sized lines (very splotchy!)
Pulse: Like a heartbeat!
Wave: Line size depletes and then goes up again so it's like a wave.
Settings for all these are the same. You adjust the minimum and maximum size for setting the range. The fade rate sets how long it takes to animate.

This release is VERY beta. I'm sorry that I couldn't give it all the attention that it deserves. I am confident, however, that it is stable enough and all the tools are usable (outside of perfectionism).
I don't expect there to be massive bugs. If you find one, be patient and please do let me know.

Thank you for your support! Happy zine making!!

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my life changed because of this software honestly it's better than photoshop imo like i used to design in paint.exe but now this saved my life it's like industrial paint.exe but vaporwave edition i'm a new person now thank u!!!! ily <33333

aw :) lol yay thank you! i'm happy you like it.
i like that "industrial paint.exe but vaporware edition" xD

Hey man I hope things get better for you


im so excited!! i haven't check itch in a while and just remembered EZM so i came here to check for updates and wasn't disappointed! :D

(also i saw the twitter posts and im standin w you 100%)

Thanks for making such cool and weird toys! And for websites that always lag my phone!

excited to try this out!