Windows 10 Hotfix (saving works again! yay!)

The latest Windows update broke saving zines for some users...
This seems like a critical issue for an art tool, so I just published this update that fixes saving.
Download the windows "hotfix".

It works again!

It was kind of hard to reproduce because, when I tried it, it still worked for me until I updated Windows...
The issue was that if the Zine Maker is on your desktop,  saving will not work if you save it to the desktop (or the same folder location as the Zine Maker).
I don't know why... This was a mystery bug.
It was a simple fix and I'm happy for that.

I hope it works. Let me know if not.

Windows has been very buggy for me after this update, but by all accounts of personal testing this should work now.
Thank you!

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Jun 28, 2020

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I've configured "update microsoft upgrade" as block words on my firewall rules. So no problems here. Thanks anyway.