August 7th hotfix (the one use of bad language has been removed, sorry!)

This is a hotfix because a friend just brought this to my attention...
The potato says the word "fuck" one time.

Since this is a program also aimed at children, I'm putting this fix out really quickly!
This is poor behavior on part of the potato, and I would like to apologize on behalf of the potato. The potato has been lectured and will not say any more bad words.

This is a very tiny update. It's not worth bothering with unless you are going to show it to kids.

Here's the small list of changes...

* Bugfix: bad language has been removed (sorry!)
* Bugfix: Keyboard shortcuts for ctrl+z ctrl+r and escape work on OSX now.

* Feature: New keyboard shortcut! Left/Right arrows can be used in the drawing interface to page through the tool menu.

That's it. This is very small and done in a hurry so it can be put in front of kids again. Thank you for catching this!
I'll be much more careful moving forward.

On another note...
For the sake of full transparency, and to help others, I have been sharing my stats.
Here's the link:
This is a VERY long, very detailed, blog post completely breaking down everything I earned, exposing all my numbers...
Other devs have said that this was helpful, and encouraging.
I'm bringing it up here since it might be of interest.

Thank you!

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Aug 07, 2019

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This is a wonderful downoad/project page.