Zine Maker Update #1 (Authenticity Tool, Print enhancements, and Windowing Modes...)

The first update to the Electric Zine Maker is now live!
This update fixes a bunch of bugs, such as the paintbucket tool reverting to grayscale being fixed, paging through fonts isn't weird anymore, undo button fixes... and more.

There are NEW features too! The most notable of those is the Authenticity TOol. It's a silly tool with the premise being that it adds authenticity to your zine. You can make it look like a number of things, degrade the quality of your drawings to make it look more punk, and play with pixelation.
There's also a nice print options window, and you can toggle between full-screen or windowed mode... So there's plenty to update for. (Please update. It's better now. Definitely worth it!  👍)
Bellow is a more detailed description of each feature and fix...


* Authenticity TOol added! Bottom right of the art tool there is a SKULL!?!? icon. Click on that to access the Authenticity TOol. Choose a number of styles to apply to your art, ranging from extreme color correction to customizing image compression for that punk texture. The Authenticity TOol will ensure that you graduate from 'fanzine' to 'zine'.

* Print options window added to the Main Menu. When you select "Print" it gives paper options, and you can input custom DPI to manage quality (depending on what your printer supports). This screen is a work in progress and the DPI option is still being fine-tuned, but it should make printing better. If this screen causes issues, please lmk.

* Line size (brush size) is available for the Pattern Spray tool!

* Windowing mode (resizes the window to small, not fullscreen). You can toggle between full screen, and small. When out of fullscreen the desktop is visible in the background. This makes "LOADING" zines easier since you have access to your desktop.

* Redo button!! There's a REDO button!!! Undo's are non-committal now.

* "Place and Import Another" button added to the Image Import tool. You can import multiple images without having to leave & come back to the tool.


* Undo bug is fixed where it irregularly logged interaction with the canvas, and Undo's would "skip" or not undo anything.
* Bug where the fill "breaks" and fills alpha transparency instead of color is fixed. Clear all doesn't break drawing.
* Bug when scrolling through fonts is fixed. You can scroll up/down without the list being weird and skipping fonts. When the list loops, there is a blank space in some of the fields, clicking on this blank space sets a random font. This is not a bug. This is a feature.
* Fixed "Pattern Spray" offset from mouse. It sprays centered around the mouse now.
* Undo/Redo buttons are available in "Pattern Spray" window (undo/redo on the main canvas when you're drawing a Pattern Spray).


WINDOWS_ElectricZineMaker_2.zip 25 MB
May 20, 2019
OSX_ElectricZineMaker_2.zip 26 MB
May 20, 2019
May 20, 2019

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