the Electric Zine Maker open sourced (on github!)

I finally published the very early versions of the Electric Zine Maker on Github... by very early versions I mean that this is a code prototype and the project is not done yet. It will grow and evolve, but this is where it is at right now.

The majority of the code for the drawing tool is open sourced!
This is absolutely a CODE PROTOTYPE. There's a strong underlying philosophy and reason for all this.
I urge you to read the entire readme for that.

Here are the links...

My blog post about it (detailing future plans, and why it is the way it is):

The project on github:

The readme (which you should read):

As the Zine Maker grows, and the project evolves in all the directions that it will take, the github will be updated with all that too.

Yay! Thank you!

Get Electric Zine Maker (a work in progress, be gentle, hug it often)

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