September 20 hotfix (the ability to "Scream Into the Void" has been added)

This small hotfix brings you a necessary... nay... VITAL feature for zine making:

Screaming into The Void has been added as an easily accessible tool in the tool panel!
Here are the deets...

Screaming into The Void lets you offer your artwork, or lack of artwork, to The Void. The Void will reward your agony with great art.

Before crying into the void (a normal imported photo of some person)...

After crying into the void (great art)...

This feature is meant for artists that are tormented by their own genius, or haunted by the pursuit for pure artistic authenticity.
It's not an easy process. The Void is here to help!
Results from various focus groups, and workshops, show that crying for help aids in the creative process.

This feature is complete. No further functionality is being planned for screaming into The Void.

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if you scream into the void long enough, void gives you cool glitchy art