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"Everything is going to be OK" is a desktop labyrinth of vignettes, poetry, strange fever dream games, and broken digital spaces. It is a collection of life experiences that are largely a commentary on struggle, survival, and coping with the aftermath of surviving bad things.
On the surface it comes off as dark comedy, and humor is a prevalent theme, but as you interact the themes start to unravel and facilitate, what I hope to be, a deeper discussion about these topics.

I call it an interactive zine because it's broken, painful, beautifully terrible, and profound on a very personal level. Nothing about this is fiction, although the themes are abstract enough so that anyone can approach it and find it relatable.
It is a very personal "game", and I view it as something other than a game. Through-ought development I had been struggling with the "game" label, and toxicity that calling something like this "game" brings in, which I documented extensively here (or on my blog). There is also a good interview here about these issues... As a result, I feel like calling work like this a game might do it more harm than good.

"Everything is going to be OK" is something to experience without game expectations. Its spaces, pages, and environments, are built to be explored.
It most certainly doesn't exist for the sole purpose of entertainment, and if you are looking for something small, lighthearted and fun, this might not be it. It is a very different type of experience.

You can read the full Artist's Statement here.

"Everything is going to be OK" has appeared in a number of festivals, and publications... such as Indiegames.com, PC Gamer, Wired, Mashable... and winning IndieCade's Interaction Award, and AMAZE's Digital Moments... For more or less current information on that stuff visit the website here.
(Special thanks to Mixtvision for all their help)


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wth     this game is odd



Wow this is like drugs lmao you must have been on the good stuff .


this game... really is something else. I expected some cryptic horror windows xp aesthetic game.. but this game just, it came to me. Like, its like all of my thoughts were spread out on a screen for me to see. I feel exactly how you feel.  this is an experience that is unforgivable, thank you.

Played it super regularly a few years ago, Now that I'm getting back to Itch.io, I wanna say I loved it! Awesome visuals and I think this had a big impact on my love for art a few years back ;)

This is amazing, and I didn't expect it to hit so close to home. It's so cool to see artistic intent poured into every facet of an experience like this. 

i like this game but now my head hurts, not like a headache but like physical pain on the top of my head. what drugs did they put in this game lol

I really loved this game. just the whole thing resonated to me in a lot of different ways I am trying to figure out how to sell my art practically and it has been very hard so all the commentary on that was very validating thank you

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i'm scared but at the same time this is the greatest thing i've ever experienced

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I fucking love this game zine, gives me Tim and Eric and Adult Swim vibes 

i'd watch a whole series with these characters and the exact same format!!!!!




This is incredible


this is one of the most beautiful yet heartbreaking pieces of art i've ever seen/played/experienced



this game saved my life in 2018. without it i dont know where id be in life, and it was a real treat to experience on a strong pcp analogue as well. i hope everything is ok for you, nathalie. i really hope things get better for all of us.



This game is scares me please help EVERYTHING IS NOT GOING TO BE OK :(
but like, I really do love this game its so surreal and terrifying to me that I can't help but fall in love with it!



Hey there, OneFourtySevenAM here, and I just played your game for a video series I have called "Indie Picks". If you're at all interested in seeing what I thought of your game, feel free to watch the video.

Woah 3 hour showcase of weird itch.io games with commentary? That's so cool! Funny how there is Night In The Woods in the thumbnail which seems to normal along other games in this video


Well Night In The Woods was created by Alec Holowka and his team, which are relatively small compared to most other developers, hence the indie namesake. Also, if you enjoyed the video, there is actually a part 1 which I'll post with this comment.


I haven't zined the zine yet (ignore how stupid that sounded) but this page looks incredible, Literally, a huge part of why I follow you is because you are an incredible programmer. (The other reasons are bc I like your humor and the stuff u make)

I'll do a follow-up after I actually play this.



how tf did you even make this



Got this game, played it, then my computer broke. Now I'm redownloading it so I can play it again.


Apparently my post was posted "-5 seconds ago".

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Wait, have 
formatting options!Hop


don't start abusing them


This game is very soothing for me. I particularly like how you can save little snippets of activities and look back on them later. To the author: It was worth a lot.


I am happy that this currently exists, thank you!!




This feels like a  dream




This game was surprisingly survivable! 5/5


This was absolutely amazing, thank you for this piece of art!

Full video + analysis (sadly in german) :


hi ich schau grad dein video ;3


It is always okay




it's dark and here i am with all my light off.You know it's a good game when your eyes are burning.




i think i took the wrong bus..


Spoilier: Everything was not Okay 10/10


Yor page is soo good that my brother is foaming at the mouth and breakdancing!


I feel like I remember this game but idk!!!! it just seems so famiiiiiiiiliar xddd

I think markiplier played it? 3:,


you know its a good game when your eyes scream for mercy on the download page


this is the best download page i've ever seen, aesthetic at it's finest


i have never seen such an amazing download page... I'm very excited to play this.

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