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Its not a virus, it looks like one, but if you download this, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK.

In case you can't read this: "If you can get past the seizure-inducing visuals, this is a worthwhile play."

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 all the comments are burningaahhh

🔥🔥yes because🔥 the 🔥comment section is actually 🔥hell 🔥🔥

I love this dearly. Came back to it recently following some personal events, felt I needed it again. I did.

When everything is going to be ok 2

Its two game

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so cool and has a lot of heavy shit

thank you.


i love this game sm,, wish it had some sort of conclusion tho

this is absolutely the best thing i've ever played through


why is there fire in bottom in the srceeen


beautiful in its own way c:

Oh wow! What an experience! Sensory overload. Really sad at parts but also very funny. We both enjoyed this experience. We did not finish it all but we will get back to it. A lot is going on in this one.

People need to check this out.

Wow that was sure something. Oh damn I just spent 2 hours on this. Very cool experience though. Woud recommend.

this looks like a fucking fever dream jesus christ

how the fuck



wait how did you do these effects? pretty cool.

Deleted post

You, ma'am, have made some incredibly weird and wild stuff, but this is above and beyond



This really was a whole Experience! I had no idea what to expect from one page to the next but always left with something to think about. Your poetry and prose writing is so evocative, too. A lot of this really hit home for me  and I'll be thinking about this piece of art for a good, long while.

what the hell is going on

i dont know what i just played but i know it just played it


This made me cry. Thank you for making this


this gave me closure.


wth     this game is odd




this game... really is something else. I expected some cryptic horror windows xp aesthetic game.. but this game just, it came to me. Like, its like all of my thoughts were spread out on a screen for me to see. I feel exactly how you feel.  this is an experience that is unforgivable, thank you.

Played it super regularly a few years ago, Now that I'm getting back to, I wanna say I loved it! Awesome visuals and I think this had a big impact on my love for art a few years back ;)

This is amazing, and I didn't expect it to hit so close to home. It's so cool to see artistic intent poured into every facet of an experience like this. 

i like this game but now my head hurts, not like a headache but like physical pain on the top of my head. what drugs did they put in this game lol

I really loved this game. just the whole thing resonated to me in a lot of different ways I am trying to figure out how to sell my art practically and it has been very hard so all the commentary on that was very validating thank you

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i'm scared but at the same time this is the greatest thing i've ever experienced

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I fucking love this game zine, gives me Tim and Eric and Adult Swim vibes 

i'd watch a whole series with these characters and the exact same format!!!!!




This is incredible


this is one of the most beautiful yet heartbreaking pieces of art i've ever seen/played/experienced

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