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In case anyone wants to stop the spinning, just use inspect element and deselect the animation checkbox.

I used inspect element to prevent the comments from spinning around

Having the comments spin around is a form of censorship because nobody will bother to attempt to read any critique found here because it's "not worth the effort"*

*i'm joking

it's kinda hard to read this

I came to Itch looking to update some of my games, and instead fell down this fishing hole of strangeness, I have no idea how I got where I am, but I will get out eventually.

Do a comment roll

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This comment section makes me feel a little sick

yo it's a kind of hard to type with this comment section spinning.


Why an how are the comments spinning.

f       i        s      h

Look interesting!

I can't install the fish

LFMAO love this game, but why is the Fish a virus? x°°

Unfortunately the site never stops loading for me, unless that's intended and I am missing something. Would love an offline version in a simulated browser, would be neat.

why spin





weeeeeeee i love spinning

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is there a way to turn off effects for the fish? i love them but they're slowing down my computer with the emojis they generate sometimes



i'm gonna puke

No Linux version! I should have known!! Please excuse me while I compile my grievances from source.

How do I make the comments stop spinning? I'm going to be sick.

How are the comments spinning wth

all of my RAM, it was enjoyable. Kudos to ya!Played this through last night, and despite my web browser hogging almost o


Welp, my computer thinks "THE Fish" is a virus. Can't say I wasn't not expecting that tbh but other than that it was pretty fun.

what the hell is this site? Why is everything spinning? I can't even read this.

I love this game, but my anti-virus software responded quickly after I downloaded REDACTED. Might want to get that checked out, but otherwise great game!

Ok, this game is crazy amazing.


Absolutely GREAT! I loved it. So creative, funny, unique, and artistic. Thank you!!!

holy moly

I'm living for these spinning comments!!

We have found the Fish. I love fish.


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