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So long and thanks for all the fish!


i have unlocked THE Fish



I'm Going to Puke on this Spinning Comment Section

im getting sick but i love this

woah this is very swirly

aaaaaa this comment section is making me dizzy, it looks very inetresting, excited to play.


Great game, love the style!! (SPEEN)



Hi, my sister is angry and armed with a knife, please help me.

pee pee poo poo


dear god please help


s p i n





reality is an illusion

what the



dizzy, sO DiZzY! :/

i'm getting dizzy

i'm getting dizzy

Oh boy, here I go!

help i can't stop spinnin

ok awesome B-)

This is cool

how do i get both endings

wait, nvm

also, how can i help the cyberpets? I am sad for them now


In case anyone wants to stop the spinning, just use inspect element and deselect the animation checkbox.

I used inspect element to prevent the comments from spinning around

Having the comments spin around is a form of censorship because nobody will bother to attempt to read any critique found here because it's "not worth the effort"*

*i'm joking

it's kinda hard to read this

I came to Itch looking to update some of my games, and instead fell down this fishing hole of strangeness, I have no idea how I got where I am, but I will get out eventually.

Do a comment roll

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This comment section makes me feel a little sick

yo it's a kind of hard to type with this comment section spinning.

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