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This is one of my favorite programs ever! I've been using it on Windows for awhile but, I was wondering if there is ever going to be a linux realease?

You're so amazing to make this. Can't wait to try!

omg..... i strongly believe the universe guided me here <3

I LOVE THIS ZINE MAKER!! extremely fun and weird, i love figuring everything out as i go. also here is my very first electric zine (i was figuring things out as i went)

I love the Electric Zine Maker so much. Is there any way to rotate panels to be horizontal, or is that a possible feature to be included in the future?

This tool is very useful and fun to use!

Btw if you're planning to add more templates then there's Pocketfold- a zine template by Matt Kay, It's on too!


y u no linux?

Hi! This tool is amazing! But I have trouble using it on mac, the "e" key toggles the emoji keyboard and the "d" keyboard toggles dictation. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

I know this is super late, but here's a fix!

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I had SOOO much fun messing with this tool and I can't wait to try out more with it :)

Here's my first zine about fish:

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i absolutely love this program, but i'm struggling with the limitation on sizes... any chance of templates for simple bifold-and-staple books using multiple sheets of paper? these little guys aren't as readable as i'd like for some things with more text. maybe an 8 page one and a 16 page one for starters? i honestly want to use this for layout on everything, it's so much more intuitive than fancy design programs.


I would like to also put my vote in for this zine format! I am using "pro" programs to make these and miss out on all of the features and nice experience of EZM. I love EZM so much! (Also please add in zine-wide font remembering to save me clicks)


this program sparks immense joy and reminds me of how fun. theinternet used to be when I was eight


i made one!!! its not rlly good but idk here


Thanks to you, I made my very first zine! I wasn't in time for the 2nd jam, but I finished it!  Your program is truly wonderful and magical! <3


I think Igor needs help… What do we do? D:


obsessed w this. any chance we may get a mod eintended for single larger images, because i LOOOVE using this to make effects and backgrounds for my illustrations


I actually never thought of that before lol. That's a good suggestion. I'll note it down in the (very long) to-do list.
Thank you! I'm happy you like it that much!!


This is really cool! I'm excited something like this exists in this day and age. It's been fun to use and I'm looking forward to posting something done in it! Thanks for making this!


I've made one before but the new tools are amazing. Reminds me of WarioWare DIY or KIDPIX can you add it to the collection? 


that zine is beautiful! i love the glitch art. yes i added it. thank u for sharing!!


Thank you so much!!!!


heyyy i made a zine w EZM! heres the link if ur wanting to add it to the collection :3


thank you! i did!

Hi! I made a zine with your cool EZM maker: Could you please add it to your collection? Thanks!

@alienmelon can you upload my newest zine to your EZM collection please? it is here: 

i think the zine doesn't support romanian diacritics (special characters). otherwise, fantastic work !!


I absolutely adore this program. I got it in a bundle and since then new templates have been added and it's just wonderful. I do have a request. Is there a way to make a seizure-safe version of this? I enjoy the animated deep-fried pixel art aesthetic but some friends of mine who would make GREAT zines probably can't safely look at these graphics. But I want to be able to share this with them because it is SO GOOD


Hi! I love Electric Zine Maker! Thank you for creating it. <3
Here is a zine I made using EZM.
One thing I noticed is that the zines appear inverted when viewed in safari. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? 
Thanks again!

Hi there! I made a new zine using EZM. Would you mind please adding it to your collection? Thanks very much!

Hi there! Here is another new zine I made. Would you mind please adding it to your collection? Thanks again.

yes ive noticed this too - have to use google chrome for everyhting. also cant figure out how to change the template to 16 pages rather than 8!! do we do that by inspecting element???

Hey! I made a zine with EZM and was wondering if you could add it to your list! Thank you and I love the software! link


Will there be a Linux version? I just recently switched to Linux and I'd love to keep using this!


following this!  +1


I want to make a zine abt queer love really hoping for a linux version <3

Love what you did with the page design. Mind share the codes?

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hi I just posted a zine i made with electric zine maker called adorations for apathy and another called corn is god. Thank you for the software and all your awesome creations (Everything is going to be ok was my introduction to your work, and lives not just on my desktop but also in my heart!)

Hey my friend is stuck, there's a pop up window and it's all grey and no way to get back to the zine maker (not even to force quit it). The popup window came from the image overlay tool. Any tips on how he should proceed?

Is adboe really needed to run the Zine maker?

No absolutely not required. What system are you on? Is this Windows??

Oh ok.  Iḿ using linux mint  : )


oh thank you! that's really good to know!! i JUST got a new Windows machine and plan on installing Linux so i can finally troubleshoot and get Linux users something that actually works.
thanks much for the answer.

Hey! did u manage to make it work on linux? :3

Not yet. I usally get most things to work with WINE but i had no luck with this one so far

whats a zine

It's like a mini homemade magazine. Search zine on Wikipedia to learn more.

oh ok

thank u for making this! i've made a couple of cute zines with it and i keep telling other ppl to try it. i think it's important for zines to be fun to make and a normal image editor isn't much fun even if you don't have to wrestle with it as often (the wressling is also fun). un, thanks again :)

I like this game a lot :D only problem i have is about the colors. The colors kept changing every time i switched tools or something. Now i can't change the color back to black because now it's stuck as grey.

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I found out how to fix it :D very fun game i say :]
EDIT: Is this actually a game though?

I think it's more gamification than a game.

The "better halftones" effect is a bit dangerous - it lets me choose values that lock up the CPU too easily right now!

When you try to export a pdf book of the normal accordion template the pages are all small. Is there any fix to this issue?

OK this is pretty amazing! Any chance at a couple more "retro" type features?

  • Cut around imported images with "scissors" with slight shadow effect to give the impression it was thrown through a copy machine ala 80's zines
  • Maybe a per-image "newspaper" filter (make image look like cut out newspaper)

Keep up the great work!

I got this error: application descriptor not found.

I am running this or trying to through WINE since the itchio desktop on linux integrates with it and everytime i try to launch it, I get that popup

Deleted 2 years ago

I made a zine with this back in November that I've recently put up on my profile! I love this program :)


made my first zine with this :D its so fun!!!

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