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EZM is one of my favorite programs ever! I use it all the time to make zines and cool glitchy art. I love it so much I teach workshops about it. 

I appreciate the dark mode in the last update for people with migraine/vision issues.

Recently I made some code in a visual livecoding program Hydra to manipulate the graphics in EZM to make weird fun visuals for shows. You can out my Hydra code here. Click on the code and select the EZM page you're working on and see the weirdness (eyestrain/fast moving colors warning).

Thank you Nathalie for making such a lovely program and creating a community around it!

///bug issue: I noticed there's a glitch with the import image function - you can't drag the top, middle left and bottom left parts of the image to stretch it.

very good and fun software! made a zine in it with a friend and had a great time 

this is so cool! thank you for sharing. i’m glad you all had a good time.

very cool freeware! love the aesthetic

have run into one issue tho, I'm using this on a mac and for some reason whenever I attempt to type "e" in the text editor my computer acts as if I've pressed "fn" as well as "e."

Any idea as to what I could do to make the text feature usable?


hey this is very cool, i love to know this tool exists. i linked this to a friend who said they cant unfortunately use this because the bright colours and gifs in the software are migraine triggers. if there is ever a simplified version, ill be sure to link that forward.

What a wild and fun zine maker. The webpage is a blast too ha!


I discovered this zine maker when I bought the big queer games bundle over the summer and finally opened it up over the weekend. In two nights I made a mini-mini booklet and I loved the whole process. It was immensely satisfying to make and I loved the layout of the maker. It inspired me to truly have fun and explore the different ways my ideas could take shape. I plan on printing out more to make for friends and have already linked your maker to several of them! 

I love this!! it feels like grown up kidpix lol. it really tapped into a part of my creativity that I haven't been in touch with in like at least a decade, and I wanna make a habit to use it more often :D I made this yesterday while experimenting around with the program if you want to add it to the EZM collection!


this is so cute! i love the little story about ~it~
yes i added this. thank you for sharing!!

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Lovely!! I love all the personality and how simple it is to navigate, it makes me excited to make something! Thank you!

i really love this zine maker, made my own a while back it's posted :)

thank you!

your zine is very cool! i added it to the “made in ezm” collection.



A few suggestions and wishes for future updates:

- Some guides are missing page numbers entirely which makes following them a little difficult.

- Please include an option to reduce animations. Also do this for this site.

- Flexagons are interesting. How about including more flexagon folds and put them into a separate category? An author called Jason Shiga once showcased an interactive comic made out of an octatetraflexagon. See here: 

are there any plans to include a half page zine template in the future?  i feel like next to the one page and quarter page zines those are the most common

How do we save Igor :/

hi! just got the queer bundle and was so curious about trying your zine maker, but i'm having trouble installing it.

i use linux mint os and i generally can play windows stuff through wine, but in this case your zine maker requires the installation of adobe air which i don't seem able to get.

any idea on how to solve this problem? :(

i just managed to install adobe air through the help of this website:

however, i still receive the same error when trying to start the zine maker. made a zine. not very good compared to what i can do, but its sorta unstopped the dam

I made a weird tool that works with EZM to create a zine at the click of a button and then I made some zines, enjoy <3

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edit: the program gets stuck once i try to edit a page

this is for all of my fellow linux users.

1. install bottles (a flatpak application for dealing with wine

2. make an application bottle and go into the dependencies section and install aairruntime

3. and that should be it

Made this zine in 4 hours this afternoon! Thanks for the phenomenal software, I love designing and making zines so much. I can tell this is gonna be my new hobby.

Hi, I have tried using a bunch of different printers and printing options, but the zines I print always end up being slightly smaller and not filling the page. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks, and amazing software!

Hey there! Make sure to print your zine as "Actual Size" or "100%", that fixed my issue (which was exactly the same)

Alright, thanks! made this in an hour. i really like it

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I made a fanzine thanks to this wonderful program! Thank you so much!

My Sonic Adventure (A Fanzine) by PixelsBykris (

I made another one! (honestly, I don't see myself getting bored of this any time soon)

yay! this is wonderful. thanks for sharing it. i added it to the “made in ezm” collection ☺️

It's lovely! <3


this is an excellent tool!! killer aesthetics and such a thoughtful concept! gonna have to play around with the art tools but for now i did assemble my first zine with it and the HTML5 reader thanks for making :D

Thank you for making this <3
Here's a zine I made with it and then another one.

I really appreciate you and your work :)

Can I add new fonts to it?

Sounds COOL! Also, this stray cat I found is cute :P

This is one of my favorite programs ever! I've been using it on Windows for awhile but, I was wondering if there is ever going to be a linux realease?

You're so amazing to make this. Can't wait to try!

omg..... i strongly believe the universe guided me here <3

I LOVE THIS ZINE MAKER!! extremely fun and weird, i love figuring everything out as i go. also here is my very first electric zine (i was figuring things out as i went)

I love the Electric Zine Maker so much. Is there any way to rotate panels to be horizontal, or is that a possible feature to be included in the future?

This tool is very useful and fun to use!

Btw if you're planning to add more templates then there's Pocketfold- a zine template by Matt Kay, It's on too!


y u no linux?

Hi! This tool is amazing! But I have trouble using it on mac, the "e" key toggles the emoji keyboard and the "d" keyboard toggles dictation. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

I know this is super late, but here's a fix!

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I had SOOO much fun messing with this tool and I can't wait to try out more with it :)

Here's my first zine about fish:

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i absolutely love this program, but i'm struggling with the limitation on sizes... any chance of templates for simple bifold-and-staple books using multiple sheets of paper? these little guys aren't as readable as i'd like for some things with more text. maybe an 8 page one and a 16 page one for starters? i honestly want to use this for layout on everything, it's so much more intuitive than fancy design programs.


I would like to also put my vote in for this zine format! I am using "pro" programs to make these and miss out on all of the features and nice experience of EZM. I love EZM so much! (Also please add in zine-wide font remembering to save me clicks)


this program sparks immense joy and reminds me of how fun. theinternet used to be when I was eight


i made one!!! its not rlly good but idk here


Thanks to you, I made my very first zine! I wasn't in time for the 2nd jam, but I finished it!  Your program is truly wonderful and magical! <3

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