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very stoked to try this out < 3 thanks a lot ~

Thank you for this! :)


I think this tool can help me with stress


I'm excited to make Zines! Thank you for sharing this beta version. I'm working on a Mac, and I think I have a couple of graphical issues with things overlapping. Screenshots for fullscreen and windowed below


thank you for these! i'm going to work off these to fix the resolution issues... probably won't be fixed soon (like the update will take longer), but definitely something i'm aware of.

This might be my go to  for making mini zines now! Im really loving how i can do things so easily digitally and  not fumble around with scribus or the mess of cut n paste. 


I LOVE THIS!! the only problem is that when interacting with the "better halftones" option it crashes. still, this is a super cool concept and will defo be making my next zine wit this!!!!!! <3

Thank you! And thank you for letting me know about the crashing. :)



This is really good work. How was this made?


Thank you! I have a post about what tech I use to make these things here:

avast antivirus gives a false positive for this program. i just think i should give you a heads up

Deleted 28 days ago

thanks for letting me know. i just contacted them.

Good to know that it's not just me experiencing this. I was just experiencing this today and I was quite curious to try it out.


I love your work so much. Fantastic!

Can I use these zines in games?

Yes you can use them wherever you like.


Wow this is a good Web page

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