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я омлет

Am I drunk agaaaain?


я  украйнец!

i made some zines using it! how can i share them with y'all?

Its so weird how it is waving

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omg this has so many good vibes :]

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dios plan.



i came here just for wavy comment


so queria ler os comentarios aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


are these what is happen? aaaa why is turn


how can u make dis?





the love potato returns and it makes everyone feel like they are on drugs!



i played this game at egx last year its great to see how much it's developed

wha tht eufuckkkkkkk

how did you do that to the page?!!!!


is it me or im just high on drugrm


best page on the whole website LOL


guys this pizza tastes funny



my mouse is a fish


I'm never going to use it BUT I know I need this in my life. Thank you for this gift. We don't deserve you OP.  Love you man, mwah.

bouncy bouncy


this program gives me the confidence of a 12 year old boy in 2014 making a webcomic in mspaint its great


I CANTG EVEN WREAD WHAT IM WRITING HOLY GOD THS9 SIS SO GIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

movey movey


I used  it to make a mario, then i said "nah it's trash that mario" so i colored it red and i named it red man, idk why


This has got to be the most creative product page xD
(for real tho, how do you even do that o.o)


it moves so much i cant even upvote your comment XD



literally what is this product page

Very fun to use, Ive made  lots of drawings with this and finally finished my first zine! (it is posted on my account)

it's an amazing tool - it's really boosted my motivation to make art, i'm making zines almost daily now, and they make amazing personal projects + gifts for loved ones! it's really easy and fun to use, it's got amazing features that let me experiment a lot with different mediums and concepts. thanks for making this! it's fun to make, fun to share and fun to look at other people's projects. 

IT'S SUCH A GREAT TOOL AAAAA. I've been making some comics and birthday cards for friends and it's just the absolute best, it's so fun to make, so fun to share and so fun to receive and see. I cannot sing enough praise for you Nathalie!!!! AND IT'S JUST A BETA AS WELL . Just the best. It's one of the projects that make sme love the Indie "game" community and niche so much. Thanks so much for it!


yay!!! thank you for the kind words! that means a lot to hear!!! <3

how do you make this beautiful art style?

this is litrally the best thing ever! makes it so much easier to make a lot of zines n motivates me to make art (o˘◡˘o)

the very first zine i made:

this is so cool! thank u for sharing!!

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