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man wish i could use css editor so i could do this stuff

to get it enabled all you have to do is email support and ask

oh nice i didnt think it would be that easy lol


I know this is old but when i use the skeleton one the download button doesnt appear


oh thanks for letting me know. i'll take a look.


If i knew you could do this kind of stuff with HTML and CSS, i would of kept up my coding practice with it.

This has inspired me to re-learn HTML and CSS to make weird things with it.


I Love You


Everyone, this guy is serious about the laughing thing.

I laughed and was soon arrested by the local police, who handed the case over to the FBI.

In order to "reform" me, I have been forced to win 10 'try not to laugh' challenges, in order earn my freedom.

I am writing this from my cell. I have not won any yet. Please, send help.

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Yes. But I’m out now.

My escape was not easy. Those cringe compilations were impossible to not laugh hysterically to.

I realized that my only hope would be to remove my own vocal chords.

I was very nervous that night. I had convinced my captors that the plastic utensils made me swell, so they suppplied me with nice, sharp metal ones.

The surgery went horribly wrong.

I was rushed to the infirmary, bleeding like a dog in a blender, but they managed to fix me up. One small problem though; they could not fix my vocal chords.

Without vocal chords, I could not laugh, so their ‘Try not to Laugh’ challenges were useless to me as a form of torture.

 So, they let me go...

To normal prison, from which I am now writing this from.

Send help.


Yes. The survey is what protects you from this very harsh punishment.

The lol police are no laughing matter.
(haha a pun! ok sorry)


That... was awesome!