Tetrageddon (ARMAGAD) update with fixes & some notes...

Today I finished an update to the desktop version of Tetrageddon. (download it here)
(Just long standing bug fixes, and performance should be better now.)
Also, please enjoy the new itch page with a monkey. This is a very good monkey!

After updating it, and testing, it kind of occurred to me how good this thing actually is. I suppose it takes distance for you to realize that about your work sometimes.
This thing is really huge, and has so many hidden easter eggs and tangents... I don't think I know them all anymore.

There's a hidden web-ring with tons of websites that you can find. There you can get to know the inhabitants. There's lots of writing there.
All the backgrounds in the main menu are interactive.
In some of the games, if you close the game, there are more things hidden behind the game... and then my favorite...
It allows you to blow up the entire game, if you help cybermonkey escape... yes, this is a game that lets you destroy it!

Escape plan:
* click on cybermonkey
* use the keyboard to walk off screen
* you'll be in the zen-like back end of the game
* keep walking off screen until you find the bomb
* blow the whole place to smithereens!

Next time you start the game, you find a game that you can only place once and then never again (GOGOFISH REDUX 2)... This is your punishment for destroying everything and helping cybermonkey be free.

I'm talking about all this now because it really hit me how amazing and different this thing is. It's got so many jokes in it that I forgot about, and I see how unique it is now.
I didn't write press about this desktop version when it came out (except this one place... but I didn't hear back... lol I love how random that is)... so it didn't really get around.
I feel bad for that now. I think I should have believed in it more, and put more effort into getting the word out.
I'm pretty sure it would have made a lot of people happy with how unique it is. Especially the humor here. I think I made something that's a great contribution to comedy games, although I didn't totally see it at the time.
It's kind of funny because, when you finish something, you kind of hate it, or feel betrayed by it (I suppose you're too in over your head sometimes to see how cool it is)... Now that I came back to it, I was kind of blown away by how dimensional and complex it is.
There are so many hidden layers, finding them again was a fun way of seeing what others might see when they play it.
The sound work is good too. Lol, I took notes for the next game. There are a lot of tricks I did there that I totally forgot about. Especially in terms of layering and randomizing audio.

(these are websites in the game... this webring is very large)

I think this desktop version of Tetrageddon is one of my best. Just in terms of all the hidden stuff that's there. There's so much you can get lost in, it's basically a world in itself...
Lol, ok I'm gushing over my own work, which is kinda vain, but I suppose sometimes it takes time for you to really see what you've made.

Ok, whatever... I'm genuinely happy that I was able to make Tetrageddon (this version of it, not so much the web one... my fave is the desktop one lol) and "Everything is going to be OK" as things that exist in the world. They're totally my kinda thing and I would do it again in a heartbeat. <3

Check it out if you haven't. It's pretty fun!

(ok, thank you for your time :)


MAC_2018_Tetrageddon.zip 859 MB
Jun 06, 2018
Windows_2018_Tetrageddon.zip 857 MB
Jun 06, 2018

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