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I quit school, stay at home and spend time with my potato

awe! <3

Deleted post

lol you know this was a trojan horse right btw a trojan horse is something that seems usefull but is really a virus not even gonna try it plz dont download


ffs the only thing this does is spit out random audio and saves art out if you let it. I would never create a virus, or infect my work with one. I made this because I thought it would make people happy, and it would've cute and funny. THIS IS NOT A VIRUS!

This is truly what mankind has dreamed of, i see the FBI/NSA has stepped their spyware game, even so i can safely say that this is a FLAWLESS product, you couldn't wish for anything better than a talking potato companion. 10/10, i would recommend to everyone i know.

theres no virus in it right?

no virus.

100%clean potato.


I love it! It's the best potato companion ever!