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I love alienmelons games and have supported her and enjoyed pretty much everything she's made since discovering Everything is Going to be OK.

But "A_DESKTOP_LOVE_STORY" is my least favorite of her recent experiments, and I have my reasons for this. A lot of it has to with trust issues with ambiguously_shy_file, and because I feel this way I can't really say I feel really good about helping their relationship along in this. Who are they? What's their deal? How do they have their own gardener?  Are they wealthy? Why are they so helpless?  Why can't they just talk to them theirself? Are their "x eyes" part of a curse or laboratory accident? Is he an evil scientist? Why should I help someone so eerily ambiguous?! I understand what it's like to be shy, especially around people you strongly admire. I also understand what it's like to be seen as ambiguous. I just get bad vibes from the whole situation, man, like there are are major skeleton's in shy_file's closet that cute_file needs to be aware of before simply moving into a new folder and starting a new life with this mysterious file I seem to possess so much skepticism of. 

IDK man, maybe I'm just being irrational, and really quick to judge this situation so suspiciously, and maybe I should feel bad about that. And heck, maybe all those details don't really matter and this couple's incredibly strong, unconditional love overrides all of that, and I should just have faith in their love. And I kind of liked that gardener character, but admittedly I also got weird vibes from him too and his (spoilers) unsettling goat farm. It's an issue of trust, and I just felt like while playing it I just wanted to make cute_file aware of my concerns. I just can't help but feel they can do better than all this, but it's love I guess...

I dig the experimentation, though. The use of a desktop as a space for play and interactivity is really brilliant, and something I feel like I've kind of animated in my head and wondered about before myself in a "desktop toy story" like way. From what I understand, it was really a pain to get it all working and took a lot of work, and I appreciate that. I also just love Nathalies style and funny, cute drawings and sense of humor.

Everyone seems to be praising this game, and I feel bad coming at this from a more critical perspective especially when no else is. I feel like I'm the only one who feels this way but that's just the way it is sometimes I guess. I just feel the world needs to hear my concerns, before it's too late. 

well i mean the story is that they've known each other for years, but they're unable to meet, or defy further system permissions so they can really tell each other about how they feel.
it's also worth pointing out that both of them refer to themselves as they/them.

they are both nonbinary and this relationship is gay.

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Hmm. Maybe ambiguously_shy_file is okay then. Even if they are an evil scientist or something, they've known each other for years so at this point the_cute_file is probably aware of this. It cannot be easy to express their love in a totalitarian operating system environment... I suppose my suspicions of ambiguously_shy_file are unfounded. The goats are still unsettling though... they felt like a bad omen, or a warning.

(also I thought I corrected it but I meant to change the pronoun in that sentence from "he" to "they". my bad.)



Really brilliant neat bit of design here. Loved it.

thank you! happy you thought so! :D


This was too adorable thank you!
I love your itch page by the way, and that little heart cursor <3


this was very cute. i loved it.


This is the greatest file of all time, the main reason why this files are looking for love ones it because they have emotional feelings. (THEY ARE SO CUTE AHHH)

This is so cool haha. Good work!

una experiencia agradable, pero tengo que admitir que me da miedo pensar en sentimientos virtuales, lo que vi fue amor real? que es lo que lo hizo real? 


Very Cute!

I totally adore your work, I've never seen anything like it before- keep up the good work

thank you!


It really made me smile, thanks a lot for making this very lovely small game!

thank you! ❤️ happy you liked it! :D


This is beautiful and charming, thanks for brightening up my morning!



this is really, really incredible, i loved it.

there are very good points in your devlog about your concerns and viability of this, but at least for me you knocked it out of the park.

thank you for the kind words! i'm happy that you liked it. :)

This looks fabulous, will there be a mac version?

Still working on figuring that out, but I think yes.

Another great work! I think I should make a video about this...

Did it! 

Sorry, it's in Russian, so most of you guys can hardly understand it. :c


This is so cool, thank you!!   ❤️