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..... so fun fact! i forgot i had this on! and then it screamed at me, and then I jumped! i cannot wait until this thing is on during an exam and i just


this is an amazing idea i love this chaos

lol this comment made my day thank u xD i’m glad u enjoyed a jump scare from it.


i'm glad you enjoy my pain /lh


Hey yeah, this  looks fun and all, but my anti virus program tells me that this is infected with FileRepMalware.


it's not infected with anything. it's a false positive.
if you let me know what scanner software it is then i can contact them about it so it gets cleared. thank you.


Thanks for replying, I use Avast Antivirus


I now feel extremely bad about my pc. My productivity is slightly increasing though!


yo i always wanted my frail weak laptop to scream at me <3 ive been enlightened

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