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Big fan of this

This, I can describe this as wonderful. It's not bad or so weird it's nunenjoyable, it's unviolent, beautiful, fascinating chaos.  It's a sp0rkshow, you can never expect anything that happens in this "playable entertainment". Clips of screaming women from 60's movies, elegant monkeys using computer, windows 96, froger. This is just the best of the weird, its hillarious, weird, lovable, and the kind of things you will stare at fascinated. It takes time to process what hapenns on your  monitor. It's not trying too hard to be weird using memes or pop culture references. I played it for 7 hours, this has so much content you can't even imagine on a surface level. Fantastic parody, 9/10.

thats a awesome shaking comments.


this is the best thing i have ever experienced

:D thank u :)

What the hell is this? even the comments are affected by it!

I thought this is like a space funeral type game but now i'm fully confused

so I was wondering why the game knows my name and then asked for access to my camera. Please respond, im getting kinda paranoid.


Great game. you said tell you about any problems (however hard it may be with this phucking comment section), and during the meat shooter game, i got a glitch where the rocket firing animation played endlessly an d I had to quit the game. But who knows, with this game, maybe that was intended. I spent nearly fifteen minutes typing this comment. 

yo what tha fack

It is a good game.

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Thank you!

You're welcome!


This game is crazy. I really don't know what to say about it apart from that it needs to be "experienced".....

now my friends start to understand wny 1 always lovc psyehic garncs


yay, yur on itch now


*(awkward) happy dance*


yay awkward happy dance on itch