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why is igor getting trapped everywhere



i will save igor <3

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Now that the beast has died. Me I'm the beast.



it was very short, sweet, and very very cute❤

What Does it Do?

i love it

i relate and I fear it

it hurts soooooo bad


what the heck

this is a werid project


thank you

Life is a grand Adventure😁
Even is it get's tough sometimes🐬
There's always new things to experience😱
I always felt the need to talk😟
But this game made me learn it can be better to just listen😀
I lost a friend through actions of my past😬
I acted when i shouldn't😭
I talked when i should have listen👂
Mistakes will always be made🍳
Life continues🌱
We don't know everything📚
We don't always have to stand out✨
Just existing can be enough☺
We can always do better than we did😬
We will always see where thing went wrong😨
We never seen what comes next🚚
So let go of the thoughts of what you should have done and foucs on what can do now🌈


Just wanted to say thanks for the art

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Good stuff. If you need to talk anytime, I can listen.

love everything is going to be ok


yay thank u!

love that u love it 💕

i am gonna play electric love potato really soon. the video on gamejolt was hilrious



oh god


oh nose

i like cheese

no u.